My domestic abuse blog

I blog about domestic abuse, how the church can help the abused, and issues related to domestic abuse at Tamar Weeps .


4 thoughts on “My domestic abuse blog

  1. Followed you hear via Pinterest. You are following my Anne Askew board. A quick glance at your Pinterest boards tells me you would absolutely love my friend, Aimee Byrd’s blog and book book is Housewife Theologian. 🙂 I have an article about Anne Askew as a guest blogger on her blog if you are interested in her, you may enjoy it. It’s titled “Housewife Theologian Gone Wild”. Click category-guest bloggers-Dana Tuttle!:)

  2. I cannot find where Spurgeon said, Feeding Sheep Or Amusing Goats? Can you please cite the reference. Many people are attributing this to hi. Thanks

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