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When Evil Triumphs, Godly Men Must Still Stand for Truth

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States chose perversion over the ways of God. Homosexuals now have the right to “marry” in all 50 states. This has been done, and it is now, at least according to our messed-up understanding of our governmental system, law. If we were to be honest,… Continue reading When Evil Triumphs, Godly Men Must Still Stand for Truth

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Trusting Him Who Never Fails

Our Lord is so gracious to us. We’re nothing more than poor wretched souls, wayward in our desires, inward in our passions, loving the world, others, and self more than we love Him, the Maker and Giver of life. He is patient with us far beyond anything we should expect from One so mighty, but… Continue reading Trusting Him Who Never Fails

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Is obedience in wearing headcoverings a salvation issue?

I said in a recent post that, while I believe headcoverings are mandated in Scripture and, because of that, the command for a woman to cover her head in a worship service is still in effect, that I do not believe headcoverings are a salvation issue. I stand by this because of grace. None of us… Continue reading Is obedience in wearing headcoverings a salvation issue?

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Romans 8: 28 things

Moments tick by as I cry out to the Lord. The room is dark as post-midnight hours waltz across the night. Soon morning will come: with it, will there be answers? Or simply more questions? I have an amazing life, on the one hand. First and foremost, God saved me when I didn’t deserve to… Continue reading Romans 8: 28 things

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Modesty: a godly woman’s influence

Ladies, your example to your daughters and to the other ladies of the church is so important. Your life is observed, your profession to Christ is measured, you devotion either questioned or applauded. Everything about you influences the younger women, and those young in faith. The way you speak, what you speak about, either leads them to… Continue reading Modesty: a godly woman’s influence

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Faith, Forgiveness, and Abusers

Somewhere around 2,000 years ago, the Son of God died on a cross. Bereft of friends, beaten until unrecognizable, He climbed that hill, laid down and stretched out His arms. Lifted up on the cross, hung between two thieves, He called out to God to forgive His murderers. Jesus did what no one else could have… Continue reading Faith, Forgiveness, and Abusers

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Broken for God’s Glory

God breaks us for our own good and for His glory. Scriptures are resplendent with stories of God breaking His people in order to purify them. This breaking isn’t the kind of breaking we do to one another. Far too often, people will break us (and we might, them) for our own pleasure, betterment and so… Continue reading Broken for God’s Glory