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Shame on Challies.

Truth in Grace

I have never been what you could call a “big fan” of Tim Challies but I’ve never been able to put my finger on exactly why . . . that was until now, when I was recently made aware of a review he wrote concerning the film Divided.

Inaccurate. Distorted. Inflammatory. These are some of the words that come to mind that describe Challies’ review of the film.

I wouldn’t necessarily expect a favorable endorsement of Divided by a man who sends his own kids to the Canadian government schools to be educated, but his full frontal assault of the film was a little over the top. To say that Challies has a beef with the family-integrated model of church worship is a grave understatement.

Youth ministry proponents may disagree with the concept of families worshipping together during church services, and they may be oblivious (willfully or otherwise) to…

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Grounds for insurrection or sedition?

Churchmouse Campanologist

As President Donald Trump enters his third week in office, all manner of things have been going on designed to remove him from office.

Secret Service – Denver district

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, the Washington Examiner reported that a female Secret Service agent said she did not want to ‘take a bullet’ for him:

Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district, oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate and presidential trips to the area, including all upcoming or future trips by the president, vice president or Trump administration officials.

Incredibly, given her position, she has been foaming at the mouth on Facebook:

O’Grady’s posts triggered at least one complaint to the office that oversees investigations into Secret Service misbehavior, two knowledgeable sources told the Washington Examiner.

In one Facebook post O’Grady wrote at 11:07 p.m. on a Sunday in…

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Is There Room In Your Heart To Help A Brother In Crisis? Jesus Said If You’ve Done it to the Least of These – You’ve Done It To Him

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


The hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Presents, decorations – food and family. Don’t forget Christmas carols and all the festivities at your churches!

This Christmas, JESUS is asking you a question:

Will you help one who belongs to Him, who is in dire circumstances?  I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty.  But I am attempting to have the readers go before the Lord and ask Him what they should do.

On November 29th, a brother in Christ, Anthony LeMasters, was doing yard work. He lives with his mother in W. VA. An explosion occurred, ignited by a can of gasoline.  Anthony was on fire – all of him. He ran in a panic. He remembers that a still small voice said to him:  Stop, Drop and Roll.  And he did. But he had already sustained 2nd degree burns over 80% of his body. The doctors said that if he…

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Those God puts in our path

The Lord graciously put her in my path. An abused woman, a needy mom, a mom without hope for Christmas for her three children. She crossed my path and I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I wrote recently of not being able to do much for my own children for Christmas. Because of the abuse my children and I have lived through, Christmas is always hard. There’s never enough on normal days, let alone on special ones. I guess that’s why I can relate. Why her story spoke to me.

This sweet mother of three has had to fight battles most of us never dream of having to fight. After a decade of extreme physical abuse, she said enough and fled. Several states away, she’s now faced with the daunting task of starting over with nothing. And her mother’s heart, just like all true mother’s hearts, cries out for a bit of happiness for her children.

No matter how bad off any of us might be, there’s always someone who, at least at this moment, is suffering more. There’s always someone worse off than we are. I wrote in my last post that I used to be one who gave but now we were among those who could be counted as needy. I can’t give her money as I have none but I can do something. I’m going through my closets and drawers. My children are gathering their gently used clothes, toys, and books. We’re looking through our games. My daughter is putting her creativity to use and is making sugar scrub for the mom and teenaged daughter and stuffed animals for the two  youngest. We’re also reaching out to others for things that they might share.

There’s always someone, somewhere, who needs our help. When you’re as needy as this mom is, even five dollars, or an already loved doll for her little one, makes a difference. I’ve been down the road of absolute destitution and it hurts. And it’s far worse when you have children. Or when it’s Christmas. So look around today. See if there’s someone who God has put in your path who needs your help. Then go through your closets and drawers. Dig through your clothes, your linens, and those no longer loved books and toys. Or bake some cookies and share those. I’ve been in the situation where I had to pray that God would send me some sheets for our beds and food for our supper. Discount nothing that might be in your hand. Someone, somewhere, needs it. Pray that God puts them in your path just as He put this sweet mom in mine.

The greatest gift that God ever gave us was His Son. This Christmas, lets honor that greatest of all gifts by being givers ourselves to those who need it most. You, like me, might not have money to share but surely there’s something that you have that somebody would love to receive. Something that would make a great difference to someone who has nothing. Pray about it, and together let’s open our heart and our hands and shed the love of God abroad.

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The Lord’s Bright Blessings: The reality of a Christmas more glorious than grand


Christmas is coming. What should be a season of excitement is, in far too many circumstances, a season of stress for parents who can afford little for their children. Having been in that situation for so long myself, I can easily identify the longing in these parent’s eyes. You see the moms stare at, then turn away from, what they long to buy but can’t possibly afford; the dads distracting their children, suggesting items much smaller, cheaper. The older children in these families are often resolute, knowing that the shiny thing they want will never be under their tree. The younger children simply fail to understand. But, soon enough, they will. How the parents handle the situation will make the difference between encouraging bitterness or contentment in their children.

My daughter wants a bike and crafting items. My son, a Wii U. Another son, games for the Wii U. I’d love to find a way to give them to them but such a thing is impossible. Knowing upfront that they can’t have these things helps them to be prepared for the things that they will get. My older children have let me know that they will be satisfied with anything–or, if need be, nothing. Christmas wish lists, as they have been for so many years now, will be guided by me towards things I’ve already managed to pick up or know that I can get cheaply. It wasn’t always like this. Though money was always tight, we used to have enough. I once bought toys for underprivileged children. Now my children could be counted among them.

Christmastime, or any time of celebration, is hard when poverty is a constant companion. Being poor doesn’t take away the desire to buy your children things they want but knowing you’ve done everything you can do, both to make things financially better and to bring them a bit of happiness, helps. Like so many others,  our family faces poverty due to circumstances beyond my, or my children’s, control. Fighting against it is all I can do. I stretch every dime as far as it can be stretched and do everything that I can to bring in additional dimes and dollars. Still, as far behind as we are, it is never enough. Earlier this year, we came close to being evicted due to being behind on our rent. Our van remains unusable because I simply can’t afford to repair it. Two children, and possibly a third, need braces. Things that break or wear out simply aren’t replaced. Our needs pile up and sometimes the pile topples over. But the Lord is our Helper, our Provider. His blessings are sometimes financial. Other times, they come in the form of teaching us to be utterly dependent upon Him. Of learning to trust Him in total darkness.

No matter how broke one is, life still must be lived. And birthdays, Christmas, and other days meant for celebration, won’t wait. Months ago, I came up with a plan to provide a kinda-sorta nice Christmas for my children: Taking five dollars or so a week, I’d hit a yard sale or two to look for things they’d be sure to love. But many weeks, even that small amount was out of my reach. Then we came down with mononucleosis and for several weeks I was too sick, or my children were, for me to go anywhere. Still other weeks, my husband needed the car on Saturday or it was pouring rain. I ended up able to go to yard sales once.

Christmas presents this year will mostly be thrift stores finds and a few carefully chosen items from on-line. In place of a bike will be a bracelet, a pretty scarf, and a small but lovely keepsake for my daughter. In place of my son’s Wii U will be some sketching pencils, a book on sunken ships, and a small knife. Instead of the games my youngest wanted, he will receive a movie found on sale and an action figure or two. When Christmas morning comes, they, like in so many other years, will be happy with what they’ve been given. They are really great children, children who have learned what it means to find joy in the little things. They want things at times but they don’t brood over what they can’t have. I’m so proud of them. Sometimes I think it’s harder on me wanting things for them and not being able to afford them, than it is for them not getting them.

Our family has been blessed in so many ways and this year, like others, we’ll thank the Lord for those blessings. Instead of having a big celebration, we’ll focus in on the little things. Instead of the roast beef that I want to cook for them, I’ll prepare a well-loved chicken casserole. Instead of over-flowing stockings, there will be candy canes and chocolates. We’ll focus on being happy for what we have rather than on being sad for what we don’t. We’ll sing Christmas carols together and bake some Christmas cookies. We’ll make a paper chain for over the door, and put on the old Andy Griffith Christmas special as we decorate our tree. We’ll laugh. We’ll love. And, little as we have, we’ll celebrate the most important gifts of all: the gift of the Son of God who died to save us, and the gift of one another.

Our Christmas, like the old Magoo Christmas special proclaimed, will truly be a Christmas that’s far more glorious than grand.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Soli Deo gloria!

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Will you send Mr. Trump to Washington? by Tatiana Wood

(My 17 year old daughter wrote this and I’m happy to post it.)

I’m an old movie buff. Give me an old Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, or Clark Gable movie and I’m perfectly content. In fact, it was an old Jimmy Stewart movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, that got me thinking about this up coming election and something came to mind. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

Mr. Trump is a lot like Mr. Smith in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A man who isn’t a politician trying to stand up against the corrupt people of D.C. The man they were sure couldn’t touch them is bringing down the house of cards. He came in and saw that while they said they were doing what’s best for the people they were really making under the table deals that really only served them.  And he decided that it was time to drain the swamp.

In the movie Mr. Smith didn’t really know how to handle other politicians and didn’t understand that they would stab him in the back. Mr. Trump is not a politician but, unlike Mr. Smith when he first came to D.C., he does know that the establishment will stab him in the back. And like Mr. Smith, Mr. Trump has figured out how they play the game. And he’s really good at staying two steps ahead of Hillary.

Hillary offers us the same “deals” Obama has offered us for eight long and painful years. The same deals that have destroyed us. She intends to give us more of the same while continuing to destroy our way of life.

Hillary intends to allow innocent babies to be killed up until the due date. To allow Muslims free access to our country. She says that Christians must be forced to change what they believe. She wants to destroy what little Obama has left us.

She’s a proven liar who won’t think twice about putting our safety at risk if it serves her and the Clinton foundation. And she’s the woman who went to sleep leaving those men in Benghazi to die.

Mr. Trump offers us freedom of religion. He intends to make abortion illegal. To build a wall and close our borders. To vet those who wish to come here to live. And to make them come here legally. He wants to protect and defend us. Mr. Trump wants to make America the land of the free and home of the brave once again.

So I ask you, how far will Hillary have to go, and how much damage must she cause, before you can get your heads out of the sand and vote for the one man who will stop her?

I ask you, will you send Mr. Trump to Washington?

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This election cycle is enough to drive a person crazy. I don’t know if I have ever in my lifetime seen so much confusion about what is happening in America. It is the judgment of God on America.

We are told in 2 Thessalonians that God “would send a strong delusion that they would believe a lie.” Lies rule the day in this nation and sadly, it is God’s people who seem most deceived and confused by what is going on.

I have lost some friends over the past few months because I have come out in support of Donald Trump. These are good people who are angry with me. Warriors, really. Front line activists whom I have, and would, stand shoulder to shoulder with in the defense of the unborn. These are not some Joel Osteen followers. These are committed men and women of God that I have the utmost respect for.

But they are #nevertrumpers. I am not mad at them because they won’t vote for him. I respect their decisions and I respect their conscience. Far be it from me to judge someone’s Christianity based on a vote in a Presidential election. I trust that they are following their conscience. What grieves me is they don’t trust that I am following mine.

“How can you vote for a strip club owner? How can you cast a vote for a serial adulterer? Trump doesn’t want to protect ALL babies. You are a sellout! You have betrayed all of us in the Pro-life movement.”

And those are some of the nicer things they have said…my Christian brothers. It grieves my heart.

I was on the phone with one of them the other day and we had a very cordial discussion. He said he still loves me as a brother…and I believe he does…but he just cannot trust me anymore after being a cheerleader for such a wicked man. He was a strong Ted Cruz supporter in the primaries.

“Let me ask you a few questions,” I said to him over the phone. “When you were supporting Cruz did you agree with all of his positions?”

“Most of them,” he answered. “I believe he was an honest man.”

“Ok. I just pulled out Ted’s position paper from the primaries and he listed the following things as important positions.”

Repeal and replace Obama Care.
The 2nd amendment is absolute and no to gun control legislation.
If elected he will nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.
If elected he will overturn all of Obama’s illegal executive orders.
If elected he would defund Planned Parenthood.
He would cut personal income and corporate taxes.
He would return educational control to the local school districts.
He would block Common Core.
He would fight for energy Independence.
He would bar refugees from Terrorist nations.
“Do you still support all of those position’s Mike?” I asked.

“Of course I do. Cruz was our best chance to restore Christian values to this nation. I supported him 100%.”

“Are there any of his positions listed above that you could not support, Mike?”

“No. Those would be a good first step in turning this nation around.”

“Well Mike, I hate to burst your bubble but those 10 things listed above are positions that I found on Donald Trump’s website. It seems to me that he and Ted Cruz agree on much of what is needed to rescue this nation. Why can’t you support him?”

“Because I don’t trust him. I don’t think that he actually believes most of those things because he used to be a liberal Democrat. He gave millions to the Democrats.”

“How do you know that if Cruz was elected he would do what he said he would do?”

“Because I trust him. He is a man of integrity. Trump has been all over the place and I don’t trust him.”

“Why not support Trump and hold his feet to the fire. Let’s make sure he does what he and Cruz says needs to be done. Maybe he can appoint pro-life judges and end the abortion holocaust.”

“I can’t vote for him. He is a serial adulterer. He miss-treats women. He said he has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness.”

“But what if he keeps his word? What if he keeps his word and fights for everything he and …

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