My book– A Cry For Justice: How the evil of domestic abuse hides in your church


A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church  by Pastor Jeff Crippen and Anna Wood is now available through Amazon (in paperback or for kindle) or through the publisher, Calvary Press. cry for justice

Abuse takes many different forms and may be present in “Christian” families. Most abusers are male (though they may be female) and manipulative, both to the one being abused (usually a wife) and to those around them (including other church members). A Cry for Justice teaches how to spot these abusers and how to render justice to the victims. To read a review go to


14 thoughts on “My book– A Cry For Justice: How the evil of domestic abuse hides in your church

    1. Thank you for the question. I no longer blog at ACFJ due to theological differences that arose between Pastor Crippen and myself. Because of that, I was uncomfortable with the direction the blog was taking and chose to bow out. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you, Anna

  1. Hello Anna. I miss your comments. Do you still read the blog at ACFJ? Check out my comment
    I am disheartened by how he responded to me, as if I was just a hysterical woman. He never did give me scriptural support for his belief. And I am disappointed by his conviction. Are there any other blogs where men speak out against abuse towards women? And who really treat women equal?

    1. Dear Adele,

      Yes, I sometimes read some of the posts at ACFJ. I no longer write for them nor am I writing any additional books with Jeff. It was my decision to leave the blog. I did so with a heavy heart but feeling that it was the best decision I could make. I am disappointed that Jeff saw fit to respond to you as he did. He was wrong to do so. I do believe that his conclusion is correct. The grammatical, contextual and historical view of women in positions of power in the church is the same as what he stated. That doesn’t demean women nor does it mean women aren’t equally important in the Kingdom of God. We are on an equal footing with men spiritually and otherwise, we just don’t hold the same roles. Our roles are equally important. I truly believe this and believe that God in no way demeans women by not allowing us to teach or lead the church. In fact it is a blessing as that role is such a hard one. Mean who believe as Jeff do aren’t demeaning women either. It wasn’t his conviction but his rudeness that makes him wrong in this. I am so sorry that he was less than kind. I know of no other blogs about abuse written by men. There are some very good and godly men who support abused women and some have written about it, some have not. Some are honestly trying to do what is right but fail to understand abuse. If you wish to discuss this in further detail (any of it), please feel free to write to me at . God bless you, dear. ~ Anna

      1. Thank you Anna, you are very kind. I was vindicated later by Ida Mae, she is a clever peace maker and humorous also. I am grateful for his blog, very grateful. Wish there were more real men. I guess we all have to go with our convictions about leadership. Take care, and you are also very dear, Adele

  2. I am so saddened to read the summary of your book’s judgment of the overall situation of domestic abuse, within and outside the “churches” today. As one of the tens of millions of fathers in America (and a vastly larger number counting other countries) whose beloved children have been stolen, without recourse, and daily brainwashed and poisoned against me without any evidence of any kind that there was any basis for such an act, It pains me to come across such a view of the tragedy and evil of domestic abuse. Statistical evidence clearly shows that the majority of domestic abusers are female, despite the fact that almost never does a man report the abuse he suffers daily, even when it is physical abuse, and even when it is dangerous.

    The churches where I have sought help as father in anguish at the theft and brainwashing of my children have without exception, reacted with violent demonic scorn bordering on thinly disguised hatred that I would even dare ask their help in such a matter. They have actively enabled the crime of depriving children of their loving Christian father and robbing a father of his precious children. This, in fact, is the story of the Harlot Wife, Israel and the Harlot Church, robbing the Father of His children. This profound hatred of manliness and male authority has permeated the seminaries, the clergy and the churches, the Jezebel spirit, for several generations.

    Sadly, you miss the mark very tragically. In doing so, you appear to lend aid and legitimacy to the dominant form of domestic abuse that is sanctioned by the effeminized “pastors” and lay people in the churches.

    The facts I state here in no way minimize or justify the cruel and diabolical abuse of women who are captive to hideously wicked men in their lives. It should be understood very clearly that the family courts and the social service agencies in most states have for decades carried out a total war on fatherhood, a war of eradication, and that almost anywhere in the country a woman can walk into a family court or social service agency and immediately find that the full tyrannical weight and violent force of the federal, state and local government will come to bear in a maelstrom of relentless, soul-murdering violence against the father. This is the reason the rate of suicide among divorced fathers has skyrocketed, and is now nearly FOUR times the rate for women of the same age.

    TRULY, your book appears to have the potential to do tremendous harm by further justifying the savage war on fathers that the churches and the “pastors” themselves are participating in, on the basis of false use of the militant feminist tale of male abuse as the prevailing evil in a supposedly “patriarchal society.”

    I have endured indescribable verbal and psychological abuse by my wife for years. Most of the men in my extended family have also. All but me have succumbed willingly and eagerly to the Jezebel spirit and all carry out blindly, obediently and with perverse pride the savage betrayal of any man they know, including father, brother, son and friend It is a form of murder of body, soul and spirit, referred to endlessly on the pages of the Scriptures. It literally destroys the body and shortens physical lifespan by one, two or three decades.

    Among my close friend, one’s father simply died of a broken heart at my age, fifty three having struggled to survive for some years after his wife falsely accused him of adultery took their children and cut him off from all his loved ones. At his funeral, the woman whom the ex-wife claimed has committed adultery with her husband told her that it had never happened. The ex-wife finally realized what she had done, and at the funeral of the husband she had literally tortured into his grave, she said “We killed him.” At fifty three years old.

    Another friend’s uncle died at fifty four under the same circumstances. In virtually all cases the father finds that NO ONE will defend him, or is even remotely willing to feel his pain and be troubled by the diabolical evil and injustice that has separated tens of millions of innocent, loving fathers from children, dooming many tens of millions of their children to the tragic lives that involve teen pregnancy, suicide, depression, broken marriages, homosexuality, divorce, gang life, prison and dropping out of school. ALL these are statistically related very closely to the massive war on fathers, and the monstrous silence that continues after four decades of this holocaust.

    The relentless war on loving faithful fathers has driven many fathers to suicide, with neither the church, nor media, nor government nor communities facing the plain and obvious cause of this. These are men who first had to endure years of debilitating, soul-crushing abuse by their wives, then the loss of the precious children for whom they were willing to endure daily torture that they knew was killing them, hour by hour, day by day, year after year.

    Malachi 4
    For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up…

    5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
    6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    Throughout the entire period of the wicked idolatrous degeneration of Israel and Judah God warned over and over again that if his people failed to intervene and judge for the F A T H E R L E S S, the “poor and needy (in Hebrew literally” the OPPRESSED and AFFLICTED), and the “widow” (literally in Hebrew: the discarded spouse!) that he would destroy them.

    This is happening all around you, yet you seem to be totally unaware of it. It is right to defend abused women, but it is terribly destructive to provide even the appearance of further justification for the savage contempt for fathers that is all around us, and that the church, with it’s eunuch shepherds, effeminate slaves to Jezebel who are not even the heads of their own wives, mercilessly enforces as if they are merely an extension of the totalitarian feminist movement.

    There are many wonderful things on your blog, yet truly it is plain that you have no idea what is happening in the big picture, and how greatly you have misstated the overall situation and how much potential for destructive impact there is in your book.

    Political science professor Stephen Baskerville, at Patrick Henry College, a Christian father who has studied this for years, has made this the main focus of his research and his life’s work. Please visit his site and learn how far removed from a balanced view you seem to have taken:

    PLEASE contact me about this.

    John Haskins
    Senior Fellow for Public Understanding of Law, Propaganda and Cultural Revolution,
    The Inter-American Institute

  3. I am an expert in area.

    I am a born again Christian.

    Shortly after my conversation in 1994. I met and married a man who I was introduced to through a Bible Study Group.

    After 8 plus years of Narcisstic Abuse I finally reached out to 2 Domestic Violence Shelters in my area with Children in Tow… Spent the next 2 long and equally painful years in first identifying and actually naming the abuse for what it was ya know without any doubt calling a spade a spade.

    It was then and only then the blinders began to fall and I was able to gather the strength to assert my right to MY own voice which was way way past due in saying NO MORE… over and over and over I stuck to my guns over many years insisting and fighting for my God given Human rights to be fully respects.

    Jesus Christ SUFfERED and died to give us life abundantly, to set captives free.. I take His sacrifice personally and truly believed the Chuch did also.

    I also have fought hard and came face to face with the many evi manis factions of domestic violence.

    Through it all i can hontely report the
    MOST disgusting, sinful, inexcusable, UNBIBLICAL, oppressive, damaging, evil, unjust, despicable and cowardly actions and nonactions are squarely on the Church’s shoulders then and now.

    I reported abuses to the Church fully expecting refuge, support and a degree of justice through the much needed confortation of the abuser… It was the very least needed and failed miserably by means of direct refusal.

    I was stunned by what I was met with which was Full and complete rejection and a Pastor actually making it completely clear as to where loyalties lay with and it was not Jesus by any means. stating in a phone call with me ‘we accept and support XYZ (abusers name).’

    The Church REPAVED the way for the abuser and proxies to continue on and on and on.. Confusing and creating more confusion and chaos for my teenage daughters and absence of hopelessness in my adult children. (Spiritual) very very gaured if not full blown giving up the hope that the Church holds any true relevance in life application.

    As a mother that is a hard pill to swallow.

    As far as I am concerned Churches spit in the face of Jesus himself in this very real EVIL.. Actually participating in it.

    All the sacrifices we have all made starting with Jesus including myself, my children, my siblings, my employer not to mention the evidence laid out in the form of protection orders, broken protection orders, arrest for breaking PO’s, hard fought resouces from our community’s DV shelters including a poorly funded shelter who pulled of a miracle in providing Much needed Legal Assistance, and even checks issued to me from the States Violent Crime Victims Compensation Program for a sexual crime occurring shortly after divorce was finalized.

    Please, please continue in this work.. It’s spot on and We all love you for it.
    It’s Critical this book be applied urgently in the active hands of every shelter and Church around the County.

    Thank You

    1. I ache over what you’ve suffered. Thank you for your encouragement. Would you be interested in being quoted in an upcoming ebook that I’m publishing on domestic abuse and how the church responds to it? If not, I respect your privacy but if so, I’d be pleased to share it. Thank you and God bless.

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