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My book– A Cry For Justice: How the evil of domestic abuse hides in your church


A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church  by Pastor Jeff Crippen and Anna Wood is now available through Amazon (in paperback or for kindle) or through the publisher, Calvary Press. cry for justice

Abuse takes many different forms and may be present in “Christian” families. Most abusers are male (though they may be female) and manipulative, both to the one being abused (usually a wife) and to those around them (including other church members). A Cry for Justice teaches how to spot these abusers and how to render justice to the victims. To read a review go to

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  1. Is the book out? When will it be out?

  2. Anna, May I ask why you are not writing at A Cry for Justice blog anymore?

    • Thank you for the question. I no longer blog at ACFJ due to theological differences that arose between Pastor Crippen and myself. Because of that, I was uncomfortable with the direction the blog was taking and chose to bow out. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you, Anna

  3. Hello Anna. I miss your comments. Do you still read the blog at ACFJ? Check out my comment
    I am disheartened by how he responded to me, as if I was just a hysterical woman. He never did give me scriptural support for his belief. And I am disappointed by his conviction. Are there any other blogs where men speak out against abuse towards women? And who really treat women equal?

    • Dear Adele,

      Yes, I sometimes read some of the posts at ACFJ. I no longer write for them nor am I writing any additional books with Jeff. It was my decision to leave the blog. I did so with a heavy heart but feeling that it was the best decision I could make. I am disappointed that Jeff saw fit to respond to you as he did. He was wrong to do so. I do believe that his conclusion is correct. The grammatical, contextual and historical view of women in positions of power in the church is the same as what he stated. That doesn’t demean women nor does it mean women aren’t equally important in the Kingdom of God. We are on an equal footing with men spiritually and otherwise, we just don’t hold the same roles. Our roles are equally important. I truly believe this and believe that God in no way demeans women by not allowing us to teach or lead the church. In fact it is a blessing as that role is such a hard one. Mean who believe as Jeff do aren’t demeaning women either. It wasn’t his conviction but his rudeness that makes him wrong in this. I am so sorry that he was less than kind. I know of no other blogs about abuse written by men. There are some very good and godly men who support abused women and some have written about it, some have not. Some are honestly trying to do what is right but fail to understand abuse. If you wish to discuss this in further detail (any of it), please feel free to write to me at . God bless you, dear. ~ Anna

      • Thank you Anna, you are very kind. I was vindicated later by Ida Mae, she is a clever peace maker and humorous also. I am grateful for his blog, very grateful. Wish there were more real men. I guess we all have to go with our convictions about leadership. Take care, and you are also very dear, Adele


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