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A new blog, a new direction

Hey y’all, This is Anna. I’ve been blogging on The Cross Is All We Need since 2009. Over time, my direction as a blogger and a writer has changed. These last several years have been extremely difficult for myself and my family. We’ve been living in the fiery furnace for some time now. But God, in His mercy and grace, has been right there alongside us. The more we’ve suffered, the more we’ve learned dependence upon Him. Even in allowing us to hurt and to struggle, the Lord is good.

I find that my purpose as a blogger has changed over time. I’ve not done much with The Cross Is All We Need for some time now. I’ve had neither the time, the energy, nor even the passion for it. I felt as if I’d lost my direction with this particular blog (which was started a blog about Christianity lived out). These days, I find myself more and more drawn to writing particularly for women about holiness, godliness, and righteousness, and to addressing the problems of domestic abuse among Christians. To this end, I am mostly shutting down The Cross Is All We Need. It will remain up, but it won’t be updated frequently. If I find someone else’s article that speaks to me, I might post it here but likely I won’t be posting my own new articles. However, my days as a blogger are far from over. In fact, I am more excited about blogging than I have been in a long, long time.

You likely already know that I blog about domestic abuse at Tamar Weeps . But here’s what you likely don’t know: My daughter Tatiana (who is a truly godly young woman and a good writer in her own right) and I have started a new blog on godly womanhood. Because we’re reformed in our faith, we named it Femina Sola Gratia. Instead of just trying to explain it to y’all, I thought I’d simply publish the about page. Hope to see you over there.

You can find it here:


Femina Sola Gratia

Femina…woman, feminine, womanly

Sola…only, alone


A woman by grace alone

What does it mean to be a godly woman? Or a woman under grace? What does God want from us today? Why does Jesus matter? Is there really a difference between men and women? And does it really matter if there is? How does what I want, or what society says, play into my life? Does God’s Word really tell us what He expects of us? What about when life is hard–really hard–what then? Does what the Lord demands change to fit the circumstances? Or the millennium?

My name is Anna. I and my daughter, Tatiana, are blessed to share part of our lives, and our faith in the Lord, with you. We’re not here as experts but as pilgrims searching for a City which we will one day call Home. God’s grace has been manifest in our lives so many times and in so many ways. Our lives have been wracked by difficulties, and time and again we’ve found ourselves with no place to go to but to the Lord. We’re here to honor Him, and to seek to bring Him glory through what we write.

Our passion is to write for women, both younger and older, who desire to serve the Lord and to know Him, and for those women who might find themselves struggling with feeling outside of the camp due to some overwhelming difficulty in their lives such as domestic abuse, illness, poverty, wayward children, and so on. Having walked the difficult pathways of pain ourselves, we are familiar with some of their struggles and will seek to come alongside them as fellow believers.

Godly womanhood is under fire today, sometimes even from within the church as both legalists and those who embrace free grace theology (also known as“easy believism” or antinomianism) attack, deny or expand upon what the Lord has commanded from His people. God’s Word is the only basis for truth that there is. Though the mountains fade away, and people live and die, His Word stands. It is His Word and His alone that we will base our lives and our writing on.

Our goal is to honor Christ in everything and, through that, to be a blessing to you.



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