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Those God puts in our path

The Lord graciously put her in my path. An abused woman, a needy mom, a mom without hope for Christmas for her three children. She crossed my path and I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I wrote recently of not being able to do much for my own children for Christmas. Because of the abuse my children and I have lived through, Christmas is always hard. There’s never enough on normal days, let alone on special ones. I guess that’s why I can relate. Why her story spoke to me.

This sweet mother of three has had to fight battles most of us never dream of having to fight. After a decade of extreme physical abuse, she said enough and fled. Several states away, she’s now faced with the daunting task of starting over with nothing. And her mother’s heart, just like all true mother’s hearts, cries out for a bit of happiness for her children.

No matter how bad off any of us might be, there’s always someone who, at least at this moment, is suffering more. There’s always someone worse off than we are. I wrote in my last post that I used to be one who gave but now we were among those who could be counted as needy. I can’t give her money as I have none but I can do something. I’m going through my closets and drawers. My children are gathering their gently used clothes, toys, and books. We’re looking through our games. My daughter is putting her creativity to use and is making sugar scrub for the mom and teenaged daughter and stuffed animals for the two  youngest. We’re also reaching out to others for things that they might share.

There’s always someone, somewhere, who needs our help. When you’re as needy as this mom is, even five dollars, or an already loved doll for her little one, makes a difference. I’ve been down the road of absolute destitution and it hurts. And it’s far worse when you have children. Or when it’s Christmas. So look around today. See if there’s someone who God has put in your path who needs your help. Then go through your closets and drawers. Dig through your clothes, your linens, and those no longer loved books and toys. Or bake some cookies and share those. I’ve been in the situation where I had to pray that God would send me some sheets for our beds and food for our supper. Discount nothing that might be in your hand. Someone, somewhere, needs it. Pray that God puts them in your path just as He put this sweet mom in mine.

The greatest gift that God ever gave us was His Son. This Christmas, lets honor that greatest of all gifts by being givers ourselves to those who need it most. You, like me, might not have money to share but surely there’s something that you have that somebody would love to receive. Something that would make a great difference to someone who has nothing. Pray about it, and together let’s open our heart and our hands and shed the love of God abroad.


2 thoughts on “Those God puts in our path

  1. I love this sister. Yes, we must help anyone God puts in our path… You’re a beautiful writer… Keep up the good work~

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