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Tonight’s debate — Trump’s symphony

Churchmouse Campanologist

This week has produced a mother lode for Donald Trump just in time for the final presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19.

Between the Podesta Wikileaks and the two James O’Keefe videos — with a third to appear before the debate — he has a gold mine of information to use against Hillary Clinton and his other debate opponent, FOX’s Chris Wallace.

For those who have not been watching, Trump — as is usual for the Republican candidate since 2008 — must also debate the moderator(s) who are in league with the Democrat candidates.

Three topics Trump must not spend much time on

The two of them will attempt to bog Trump down with three topics: sex, Russia and nuclear war. He should give nothing but a brief, clear statement on each, turning measured verbiage on the Democrats and the Clintons.

For those who are unaware, the Democrats engineered each…

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2 thoughts on “Tonight’s debate — Trump’s symphony

  1. Thank you very much, Anna.

    As you — and your readers — know, for the most part, these debates were meant for the undecided voters.

    For some of us (myself included), Donald Trump did not go far enough. However, he has to convince those who think he is notionally ‘brutal’. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you and I know.

    Therefore, he spoke as a president — as he would serve in office.

    He strongly spoke out against abortion early on in the debate. Contrast that with Hillary Clinton’s truly brutal reply, which was unbelievably insensitive towards innocent human life.

    Trump also spoke out against the criminality at the protests at his Chicago rally as shown in the first of the James O’Keefe videos. If your undecided readers haven’t seen the James O’Keefe videos in that post, they should, regardless of the crude language — which only shows more filth and depravity from Hillary’s camp.

    How condemning are these videos of the Democrats and their principal operatives? Scott Foval was fired and Bob Creamer had to resign.

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