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If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

The Reformed Reader

Some people say that if God showed them a miracle, they would believe in him.  Blaise Pascal (d.1662) gave an excellent critique of this faulty approach to belief in God.  The following quote is a great apologetic:

“‘If I had seen a miracle,’ they say, ‘I should be converted.’  How can they be positive that they would do what they know nothing about?  They imagine that such a conversion consists in a worship of God conducted, as they picture it, like some exchange or conversation.  True conversion consists in self-annihilation before the universal Being whom we have so often vexed and who is perfectly entitled to destroy us at any moment, in recognizing that we can do nothing without him and that we have deserved nothing but his disfavor.  It consists in knowing that there is an irreconcilable opposition between God and us, and that without a Mediator there can…

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