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So It’s Got to be Clinton? Really?

Lee Duigon

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I’m tired of writing about this election, and I really dislike having to write about politics on a Sunday. But the big debate is scheduled for tonight, and I have to get this said beforehand.

I can’t follow the logic of this argument. Can you?

*Once, in an unguarded moment of idle foolishness, ten years ago, Donald Trump made a lewd comment.


We’ve got to have Hillary Clinton for our president.

We’ve got to have open borders.

We’ve got to import another million unvetted Muslim refugees, and turn our country inside-out to make them feel at home.

We’ve got to have higher taxes and more spending.

We’ve got to have the thugs from Black Lives Matter invited to the White House as honored guests.

We’ve got to have “pay to play” conducted right there in the Oval Office.

We’ve got to make “Climate Change Denial” a federal offense.


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