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How the media manage the 2016 presidential campaign

Churchmouse Campanologist

GoogleThe New York Observer has a fascinating article on how the media, including high tech companies, are managing the 2016 presidential campaign.

Liz Crokin’s article of August 12 is a must-read. Excerpts follow, emphases mine.

Most of us know that The New York Times and The Washington Post are the most prominent newspapers in the tank for Hillary Clinton. We also know that many Americans refer to CNN as the Clinton News Network.

However, Crokin, an award-winning journalist and author, gives us solid evidence that Apple, Google, Twitter and others are manipulating what the public sees in a variety of ways.

Donald Trump supporters can easily fall foul of Apple, which sees a duty to warn people about the Republican nominee:

I began looking into how strong the bias and censorship runs in these forums after I did an interview on the pro-Trump podcast, MAGAPod. The show’s host, Mark Hammond…

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