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Focus on Christ, Not on Christlikeness

Pastor Dave Online

focusThere are many dangers in the Christian life, yet the subtle ones are often the more serious. In particular, it is tempting in our daily Christian living, to pursue sanctification in such a way that it actually promotes nothing more than behavior modification. The Christian life, however, is first and foremost about a relationship with the Christ. As we seek to grow, then, we need to focus not on our behavior but on our savior. Focus on Christ, not on Christlikeness.

The difference may seem subtle, but it’s huge. To focus on Christlikeness means our attention is given primarily to what we do. We are going to be constantly examining our actions, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions. We are going to compare ourselves to Jesus, identifying where we fall short, and striving to improve. We will focus on what we need to change. This can all be good, because, after all…

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