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The Reasoning And Importance Of Modesty

From my daughter’s blog.

Rejoicing In The Lord

photo-1444920275954-9dddec6b714eModesty. I find that to be such a lovely word, one that stands for purity of heart, mind and dress, yet also so hated among many (even Christians). Those who embrace modesty are so often accused of embracing legalism and violating individualism. Modesty is seen as belonging to a less enlightened time, a past when people only abided by stricter standers because that was the way life worked and they didn’t know any better.

The modern church sees those who embrace modesty as belonging to one of four camps: 1) The ones who think modesty is old-fashioned and should be tossed out the window along with other “stupid” rules. 2) The ones who like to be “modest” to a point, beliving that they can be satisfactorily modest while still following the world’s definition for the word. 3) Those who truly want to be modest but are made fun of for having such silly standards. 4) The legalist  who follows strict…

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