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I Am Blogging For God’s Glory…(or am I?)

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This morning, over at HeadHeartHand, I read a great article by David Murray called Bonfire Repentance.  The article is about idolatry, and how the Heidlelberg Catechism delves into that subject. In the article he mentions as possible idols: blog stats, facebook likes etc. The very things that might cause pride within me as a blogger, and become idols to me.  I often ask myself, “Am I blogging to God’s glory or am I blogging for my own?”  

I can say that I usually am blogging for Gods glory, one of my rules is to sit on articles and pray about it prior to posting, and I usually have someone read them over, especially the controversial topics. But sometimes the answer is not what it should be, sometimes I like the “likes,” and sometimes the shares do mean more than they ought too.

The ironic thing is that this…

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