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The Power of I AM

One Christian Dad

 So Joel Osteen has a new book.
It is called The Power of I AM.  There he is, just smiling away on the cover as only Joel can.
I get the whole thinking positively thing.  I do.  After struggling with depression, and negative patterns of thinking, I have learned to focus on the good things in life and I have learned to think “I can,” instead of, “I can’t.”
 I have learned to say things like, “I get to,” in stead of, “I should.”
Hey, I get it. I even track my gratitude.  Yep, Everyday I write down 5 things I am grateful for. Often in that list is my health, my abilities, the blessings in my life.  Focusing on the positive changes the way you think.  If you think you can succeed, you probably will.  If you think you won’t, well then you probably won’t.  It is nothing mind blowing.  I…

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