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LGBT Movement: Part 4

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LGBT Movement: Part 3

LGBT Objection: In the Old Testament, Homosexuality was a capital crime that was punishable by death, but now we are under the new covenant.  How does that affect the practice of homosexuality?

Response: Answering this question requires an understanding concerning the relationship of the OT laws to the NT.  Does the OT laws remain in effect in the NT?  If so, do all of them remain in operation or do certain OT laws remain in operation in the NT?  For example were the OT laws that prohibited the wearing of wool and linen woven together (Deut. 22:11) and eating of certain foods still in effect today?   How can we best understand the OT laws?  In regards to ceremonial aspects for the Jews such as the sacrifices, he referred to His body as being the ultimate and final sacrifice (John 2:21; Mark 14:36)

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