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Called to Faithfulness

God calls us to faithfulness. He doesn’t call us to win, but to stand for truth. He doesn’t call us to make huge splashes, but to do the next thing, and the next, for His glory. God doesn’t call us to change the culture, but to be changed into His perfect image. God doesn’t call us to be useful, happy, successful, or powerful, He calls us to be holy, malleable, and dependent.

We’ve got a fight on our hands, and it starts with me–and with you. What are we holding onto that God despises? What beliefs have we refused to expose to the truth of His Word? What actions are for our glory, not His? As long as there is something in us, in me or in you, that we refuse to let go of so that He can perfect it, we are not useful tools for the Master’s hand.

Things might be horribly wrong in your life in some way or another. So many things are in mine–and I hurt because of it. Sometimes the tendency is to focus on those things to the exclusion of all else but, dear brothers and sisters, we cannot afford to. Those things that are so wrong, just might be the very things that the Lord is using to bring us to repentance, and to force us to our knees in prayer, to bring us to a place of utter dependence on Himself. If that is true, and from what I’ve seen, from what I understand from study, it often is, then those things that hurt us so much are instruments meant for joy. We must trust Him even when the night is darkest.

Perhaps you have failed–I have so many times. It breaks your heart, doesn’t it? I so often feel like the chief of sinners. And I am–but Paul said he was, too. And perhaps you feel that way. That’s God, in His mercy, showing us how far we’ve lived our lives from His truth. Endless regret only goes so far but repentance, real biblical repentance, gets us to where we need to be: at the feet of Jesus. Maybe because of your failure, you feel unqualified to do much of anything for Christ. The crisis is so big, so looming, and you are so small, so weak, so broken. Me, too. We can do nothing without Christ–but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? So often I’ve read that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. It is so true–look at the apostles, the disciples, the early church, at Christians all through the ages. God made them who they were, He gave them the ability to stand for Him even when danger was all around. He called them, then He qualified them for use, then He used them. It was all God then, and it’s all God now. It’s all about Him, and not about me or you, or anyone else, at all.

The end of our story has already been written. Jesus wins. Heaven is waiting for us. All will be well. Today, it just remains for us to be faithful. Will you join me in repentance, and in obedience?

Soli Deo gloria!


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