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This is the Day, Here is the Place

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. It’s time for all who love the Lord to start acting as if we do, to start taking Him at His Word, to trust in Him enough to be what He has called us to be rather than continuously capitulating to those who don’t care what they have to do to win. They aren’t looking at you admiring your boldness for daring to step over the line, their line; no, they are looking at you, shaking their heads, and secretly applauding the fact that you are gullible enough to be fooled. We’re supposed to be salt and light but we’re not. Salt purifies and light dispels darkness, and that’s what our Lord has called us to do. What are we really doing? Making excuses and hiding. You know why? Because we’re fools. We’ve traded the love of the One for the like of the many, and that’s a losing proposition. Jesus offers us life eternal, what do they offer us? The chance to sell out our Lord, our souls, our children, our freedom. And we’ve done it. We’ve done it, folks, for far too long. Our Moms and Dads did it, too. It’s time for it to stop. Far past time, actually. It may be too late. Jesus is patient but He does get tired of being trampled on and we’ve stretched the Lord’s patience for a long, long, time now. It’s time to repent, yes, absolutely, but, if the Lord should be so gracious as to give us the chance, it’s also time to rise up and act. To live as if we really are the salt and light God calls us to be.

Let’s start by getting into the Bible and reading it for ourselves. I challenge you, if you’ve never read the Bible all of the way through, start doing so today. Read three, four, five, or more, chapters a day. You can even listen to it, if that works best. Just read, and as you read make sure it’s getting into your mind and your heart. Look up references, consult a good commentary (John Gills’, Charles Spurgeon’s, or Matthew Henry’s are good places to start). Some of these are available free online. You can purchase them for Kindle. Whatever you do, just get a hold of a good one, one ground in the truth of God’s unchanging Word. But, just read, and pray as you do. And believe it. Not believing the Word of God got us where we are today. We distrusted Him more than we distrusted society, so we compromised. We sinned. We sinned because we didn’t love Him enough. We didn’t want to be embarrassed more than we didn’t want to dishonor Him. God forgive us. Forgive us.

We didn’t want our daughters to be embarrassed by being the only teen not wearing a bikini so we compromised on modesty. We didn’t want our children to stand out among their peers so we allowed them to watch, listen to, and do that which we knew in our hearts that we oughtn’t to. We didn’t want to stand out among our peers so we compromised on the inerrancy of Scripture. We sought out man’s wisdom rather than the Lord’s on creation, holiness, righteousness, sin, marriage, family, and in so many other areas, areas that the Lord’s Word defines but we rejected His truth. We didn’t want to actually hold our churches, ourselves or our families accountable to the truth of God’s Word in our rapidly changing society so we crossed the line on abortion, homosexuality, and on so many other issues. We ceased calling sin, sin, and started making excuses for those whose lives were drenched in it. They’d had a bad childhood. They just didn’t know better. They were afraid. They were embarrassed. It would have just been too hard on them. They couldn’t help themselves. And so on, and so on, we made excuses for them and for us. We bowed to sin, gave ourselves over to disgusting filth, allowed our churches to teach pop psychology or the next best way to have the best life now, and all the while we were forgetting the One who said that if we loved Him, we would obey Him. We’ve neither loved Him nor have we obeyed Him and we’re now reaping the consequences of our failure, of our sin.

If you are serious about serving the Lord, this is the time to stand up and act. If you haven’t been but want to be, this is the time to repent. The world, in all its darkness, despair, sin sickness and failure, needs us. They just don’t know it yet. But if we live out that which we’ve long claimed to believe, maybe, just maybe, by the grace and mercy of God Almighty, they just might see it. If they do, they’ll repent, and souls will be won. But it doesn’t start with their repentance, friends, it starts with ours. We who knew better have failed. We must repent, we must seek the Lord’s forgiveness, beg His mercy, plead for His grace, and seek Him, and only Him, as we stand up to try one more time to get it right.

This is the day, here is the place. Filth is upon us. Decay is all around. But the Light of Christ still shines forth in darkness, the Salt of His Word still dispels falsehoods, and we who love Him, and we alone, have the truth that others need.

May God grant us the mercy, grace, truth, devotion to Him, moral courage and fortitude that we need.

Soli Deo gloria!


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