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Confronting Fear With Faith

Maybe you’ve been there. You’re doing alright, struggling a bit as usual but still making it. Then, out of the blue, what can go wrong, does go wrong, and then some. What do you do? Do you give way to fear? Or, does your faith take over?

Faith is knowing God, trusting in His sovereignty, and accepting whatever comes along as a gift from His hand, even when the gift is pain. It’s easy to say, yeah, I trust God, but when push comes to shove, can we really say we do? When our child is rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night, are we resting in His peace, trusting in His grace, accepting of His mercy, even when the mercy takes us down roads we’d rather not travel? When our refrigerator goes out, then the washer does, then our car does, what do we do? Do we bow our heads, put our problems in His hands, and give God the praise He deserves? Or do we sit around bemoaning our circumstances?

Faith trusts God…even though. Faith praises Him…even when. Faith rests in Him always.

I’ve walked down a trouble-filled road more times than I can count. I’ve been there, and am there even now, where every single thing that can go wrong, does go wrong, and then some. I know how easy it is to say we’re trusting God, and all the while we’re snatching back out troubles from His loving hands because we’re not quite certain, He, the God of everything, is capable enough, smart enough or loves us enough, to really see what’s going on and what we think we need Him to do about it. “Uhm, here, God, if You could just do it this way…NOW.” That’s our tendency, but it’s the wrong one, one born of fear, not faith.

God is sovereign over every single thing in the universe, in heaven and earth, including over the details of our lives, however easy, however painful, they may be. What is going on with us is for His glory and for our good, of that we can be assured.

As I write, my son Matthew is quite sick. The doctors are not sure what’s going on but he’s hurting. They’re trying to figure it out. On top of that, our old truck needs a new battery, and that’s money we don’t have. And, our van isn’t working. More money we don’t have. And our refrigerator is leaking internally. And, struggle and try though we might, we’re behind on utilities and rent, too. Last month, we sold things just to keep food on the table. There’s just not that much left to sell. These on top of other problems, and those on top of others, some financial, some otherwise. Faith or fear must win this battle. I know my God, so I choose faith.

That’s really the issue here, knowing God. He is capable. He is trustworthy. His Word declares it, we simply must ask for the faith to believe it, and to rest in it.

When causes for fear come, and come they will, meet them with rock solid faith. Not faith in yourself, your plans, or capabilities, but faith in the Sovereign God of everything. The Great I AM. He who was, and is, and is to come, is God over every single circumstance in your life. And He’s good, and kind, and loving, and wise. And He can, and will, do abundantly above all that we can ask or think–for His glory and for our good–when we bow down, lay down our fear at His holy feet, and trust in Him to do what He deems necessary.

Faith must conquer fear and, by God’s grace, and through His help, it can.



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