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Roses in Winter

Last night about 9:00, I went outside to walk our dog. My little boy followed me. He sidled up to me, cuddled close, and looked up at me. His words melted my heart. “I really love being with you, Mama.” I felt like crying, I felt like laughing, both at once. Those words warmed my weary heart like nothing else could have.

I don’t know what the good Lord is doing. So many things have failed, so many efforts to get our family back on track have gotten derailed. Some whom we’ve trusted have turned against us, stabbing us when we’re down. Pain keeps getting added upon pain. We keep praying, trying to come up with a plan, something, anything, to help us to dig out and get back on our feet. Despite our efforts, we just keep getting deeper. Our bills are behind, our rent is late, and food is getting more and more plain. The cupboards and the fridge are pretty bare. But God is good and whatever He is up to, I know He’s got a purpose. I’ll keep praying for the faith to trust Him. And He keeps giving me reason to. Sometimes God sends us roses in deepest, darkest Winter. Just when we think hope is gone, just when it seems all is lost, God shows up.

God showed up in my little boy’s words to me last night. They warmed me all night. They’re warming me still. God is good.

Thank, You, Lord, for showing up when we are faint of heart. Thank you for sending the roses that we so desperately crave in the darkest days of our lives. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.


One thought on “Roses in Winter

  1. Honey, I hate to offend,and don’t mean to. Is there a possibility I could help out? I can’t bear your hurt. I can’t heal it, but email me on

    I’d love to help put food in your cupboards if I can. We’re told to help our loved ones in Christ, in James’s latter.

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