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Moments of Joy

My littlest boy studying hard to learn his words, asking me “Did I do alright?”.

My woman-child daughter settling into the ways of womanhood one moment, teasing and chasing her younger sister the next.

My nearly teenage son seeking me out just to chat.

My youngest daughter using her own free time to diligently care for the animals.

My second oldest son’s joy when he got accepted into college.

Another son’s hugs every time he gets near.

My oldest son standing for truth, no matter the cost.

These are dark days for our family. So much uncertainty, so many trials. Yet, in the midst of the sorrow, God has blessed us with so many moments of joy. I don’t deserve such joy, such happiness, none of us do. I’m so grateful to God that, no matter what befalls us, there’s always a reason to rejoice. I’m reminded over and over of God’s goodness. Every single time I’m able to put food on the table, God has blessed us. Every single day we are alive, God has been good. Every single time God awakens me in the dark night hours to seek Him in prayer, He has bestowed His grace.

God is good. Even when everything seems to be going against us, there’s so much to still be grateful for.

I’m grateful, Lord. Thank you for your goodness, for the riches of your mercy, for the gift of your Son, for the blessing of my children, for the many moments of joy You bless us all with every single day. May we be aware of each and every one. 


One thought on “Moments of Joy

  1. Amen … Joining and rejoicing in your prayer of gratefulness to a very gracious and merciful Saviour & Lord, Jesus Christ.

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