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Third Reich science and today’s smoking bans

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Nazi anti-smoking motherhood_smoking Inconvenient HistoryA year ago I wrote about the Nazi blueprint for today’s smoking bans.

The source is ‘Hitler’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign’, which draws on information from The Nazi War on Cancer by Robert N Proctor.

We’re all familiar with the atrocities that occurred during the Third Reich.

However, how many of us know that much of what Adolf Hitler promoted and supported is firmly in place in many Western countries today?

Forbidden words: The government provided the basis for today’s hate speech proponents. They proscribed certain words, e.g. ‘sabotage’, ‘catastrophe’. Interestingly, they also replaced the word ‘cripple’ with ‘handicapped’.

Anti-Christian sentiments: Joseph Goebbels said that Hitler was ‘deeply religious though completely anti-Christian; he views Christianity as a symptom of decay’.

Popular causes: Hitler and the Nazis were committed to animal rights, abortion and gun control.

Bodily purity: Nazis told the Germans they had a personal responsibility…

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2 thoughts on “Third Reich science and today’s smoking bans

  1. Thank you very much, Anna, for reading and for reblogging my post! I greatly appreciate it.

    I hope you are well. May God continue to bless you and your family in every way.

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