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Are You a Poor Husband?

“Gentlemen, nothing in God’s word says you are to degrade your wife, to belittle or to force her into submission to your ideas or opinions. You are to lead by presenting a godly example. Yes, you are to make decisions and they should never demean your wife. If you do you sin against her and also against God. You should never make her the blunt of jokes and always show her a proper and gentlemanly respect. A man who does put his wife down degrades himself. It shows he has no real understanding of the roles of marriage. If he does not respect his wife he will not respect other also. The result will be that he will be a poor husband and leader.” ~Cooper Abrams


5 thoughts on “Are You a Poor Husband?

    1. Yes, I stayed away from Women’s Bible studies because of this. However, how do I deal with the fact that I now find myself having to speak of negative issues concerning how my husband has emotionally abused me? I’ve hidden it for years and now I must appear very negative but it is because so much has built up and I have had to leave ‘c’hurches because they don’t want to help.

      1. In your specific case, it’s understandable to express yourself and the residual issues. Not all the times are all the complaints necessarily valid. May God provide healing for you as you work through it 🙏

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