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The God of Stolen Bicycles and Broken Trucks

As many of you know, my family moved recently. My husband was transferred to a city nearly four hours from where he’d been working. It was a hard move that took everything we had physically and financially to accomplish. We packed one day and part of the next and late in the afternoon of August 1, much later than we’d hoped, we hit the road. We arrived in town late at night. The house we’d rented over the phone turned out to have been broken into and gutted. After walking around in the dark and destroyed house, illuminating the damage with flash lights, we said “No way” and headed back to the moving van, the family van and a truck. There we were, at 11:00 p.m. on moving day, in a little convoy full of worn out children and pets and exhausted and exasperated adults, with no place to go. We stretched our very thin finances to rent two hotel rooms for two nights while we prayed and tried to find a new home. God provided a home, just as I knew He would. But the difficulties didn’t cease.

You know how those days go when one disaster bleeds into another and yet there’s still many blessings, too? Yeah, that. It was that kind of day today. At 4:20 this afternoon, my husband phoned us and said that the truck wouldn’t start. It’s done this before so we weren’t too worried about it but my oldest son and I headed over to check on him just in case. We thought we’d get there, the truck would start and we’d switch vehicles and head on our merry ways. We thought wrong. No matter what they did, they couldn’t start the truck. We got back into the van, my husband in tow, and headed out to do the errands my husband had planned on doing himself. Two hours later, we got home and found out my little boy’s bicycle had been stolen right out of our yard. I’m sure this would be upsetting to any family but for ours, it’s devastating. My son loved that bike. My husband and I had sacrificed to purchase it for him. He’d just learned to ride three days ago and now it was gone. There’s just no way we can afford to replace it. Just as there’s no way we can afford to fix the truck.

A broken truck. A stolen bike. And a loving God. It’s been one thing after another with my family for several years now. It’s been more things one after another this last month. God is in the good things that happen and He’s in the bad. God is in it all, I know He is. But, you still get tired, you know? You get exhausted with all of the bad news. This isn’t the first time the truck has needed to be fixed. It’s not the fifth time. It’s needed repairs over and over and over. Even if God provides a way for us to repair whatever it is that is causing it not to start, it’s still going to need brake work. And my little boy’s bike…. My heart just broke in a thousand pieces.

It’s always something. Yes, and it’s always Someone. As I said, God is always in it. God is Sovereign. He’s got a plan. We may not always see it and we’ll definitely not always understand it but it will all always work out just the way He wants it to. Just in the way that will glorify Him and bring us the greatest good. He’s the God of stolen bikes. He’s the Lord of broken trucks. And He’s my Father. I love Him and I trust Him. The way before us is hard. We’re way behind financially due to this move. Honestly, I don’t know how we’re going to make it but make it we will for my Father is also our Provider. Whether He provides another bike for my son and whether He provides a way to get the truck repaired once and for all, He’s still good.

The God of stolen bikes and broken trucks is the God of everything. And He’s good. Nothing that has happened or can happen can change that. He’s good, always and in all ways. And, bike or no bike, truck or no truck, things get better or they don’t, I’m gonna praise Him. I invite you to praise Him with me.


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