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When Exhaustion Creeps In and Threatens

I’ve been packing all day. Filling boxes, moving boxes, stacking boxes. Trying desperately to get everything done at the last minute. Working hard to keep the house of cards from falling. I’m so tired tonight. As I finish up my work, I am having trouble concentrating. It’s been a discouraging day, a disheartening day, an exhausting kind of day. We’re due to move on Friday, just two days hence, and as of yet, haven’t found a house. We’ve looked, called, e-mailed and started all over again. Again and again. I know that when God desires this to work, it will work. It was He who orchestrated the transfer. He who planned the move. It will be He who sees it through. I know I can trust Him. But I’m so exhausted. I ache all over. My mind blurs with details of things yet left undone. Things that will not matter if the Lord doesn’t provide a home for us.

Things were already stressful with the events that led to us needing to move this quickly. Money isn’t just tight, it’s practically non-existent. So much has happened, so much I couldn’t control. It’d be easy to worry but it’d be wrong. God sees our needs. He will meet them. The thing I have to remember, that everyone needs to remember, is that our greatest need isn’t for money, or a house, or for things to work out. Or health, or happiness or anything else in this world. Our greatest need is for God. We must have Him or life is less than meaningless.

I’m going to bed in a few minutes. I’ll get up in the morning and accompany my husband to get the moving van. Vain? Foolish perhaps? Maybe, but I don’t think so. God started this and He did it for a reason. He doesn’t absolutely have to provide a house until sometimes Friday afternoon. In God’s eyes, in His timing, we have plenty of time. And we do for our times are in His hands. Always and in all ways. If He desires for us to have a home to go to, we’ll have one. If He does not, there is a reason. I’m praying. I’m hoping. I’m trusting that a house will come through. I have my children, and my pets, to think of. But God already knows that. And He loves them more than I do.

Please pray for us.


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