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Trusting in God When There’s Nothing Left

Psalms 145: 14-17, The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down. The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.

There are boxes stacked to the ceiling filled with memories and needful things of a family struggling to stay afloat. A move is coming up. We have a few days more to act in than we thought we did yesterday. Still, it’s not much. Today the moving van is being reserved for packing on next Thursday. One week from today, we’ll be in it and on the road, heading off to..where, I don’t know.

We don’t yet have a house to move to…but we will.

We don’t yet have the money to pay for the van when it’s returned or to fill it with gas even…but we will.

We don’t yet have a clue how any of this will work but I know it will work. It will for I serve a great God.

There’s four children moving with us, our youngest, who saw many great sorrows in this house. They also celebrated many great wonders these past three years. The greatest of the wonders is getting to see the Lord act on their behalf. Again. They don’t doubt that God will provide and is, in fact, now providing. They’ve had to lean on Him to keep them safe, trust in Him as their Provider, and hope in Him as their Protector far more often than many adults have ever had to.  The oldest of the four was only 12 when we moved here. She moves now as a capable blossoming young woman. A leader at heart and a substitute Mama to her younger siblings, she keeps things going with them when I have to turn my attention to other things.The youngest of the four was barely past kindergarten when we first pulled into this driveway. He can now do his times tables, write and spell and do all sorts of remarkable things. His moniker is funny boy. It fits him. Last night, he drew funny faces on each finger, personalizing them, just to make us all smile. The two in-between, a boy and a girl, are sensitive, creative souls, who care deeply and create beautiful remarkable things with their hands. The boy will be 13 this December. He loves to design and build, destroy and create, again and again. His ability to see detail stuns me. The girl, 11, is a crafter, a seamstress, a budding crocheter and more. She has inherited my mother’s and grandmother’s gifted hands. Even now, she creates beautiful things. I can’t wait to see what she does someday.

There are other, older, children in our home at present. Two are leaving, moving on to a new life. Two are going with us. The oldest of those going with us is also our oldest child. He is a mirror image of my leader-daughter. If not for the fact that they are separated by 10 years and he is male whereas she is female, they could be twins. As it is, they are twins of the heart. He, like she, is deeply sensitive to things of the Lord. He, like she, is driven to make things right, get things in order, keep things going. He plans to preach one day. The final one who will be moving with us is somewhat of a conundrum to me. That’s true because, of all of the children, he is the one most like me temperamentally. Deeply sensitive, very logical, he struggles with our trials but I have hope. I have a lot of hope.

I have hope in all of this because I have hope in the Lord. This isn’t the first time, the tenth time or even the hundredth time, that I’ve had to sit back and trust that the Lord would act to provide, to protect or to defend us. God has had me in such a place where the only hope I’ve had is and has been in Him. He must act for I cannot.

The safest place we can be is where we are completely dependent upon the Lord. His ways are best. His ways are truest. His ways are the only ways that will work. When we can do nothing, He can do everything. When we trust in Him, He acts.

So today we pack some more, clean some more and pray a whole lot more. One week from today, probably just about this time, we’ll be pulling out, heading north. Our final destination isn’t quite yet known but we have a job waiting there for my husband. Now we just have to get to it.

And we will. For my God is not only able, He is trustworthy. And He will do it.


One thought on “Trusting in God When There’s Nothing Left

  1. Dear Anna, I know your heart and the uncertainty that you carry in it. We are all wandering in this perishing world not knowing what is in store and having to trust that God is going to provide when we have nothing of our own. It is a hard road and the climb is steep. It takes faith that is proven in the storm to continue to trust when all hope seems lost. It takes a true child of God to praise him when your voice is broken through sorrow.

    You have been through so much for so long, dear sister, but despite the struggle, you are being made ready for a kingdom which will never end. Our tears are not forgotten by our God, dear Anna. He holds them in a bottle because he cares about what we must go through. Although he knows the plan, he sees our pain as we take each step of sorrow. I am with you, Anna. I pray and I will do whatever I am able to help you. God alone has the answer. I pray for your protection and that of your children. I pray for God to give you the strength to hold on as you continue to help others. You are not alone. God is making ready your path.

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