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Despair or Faith?

I’m choosing faith though the dams have broken and the waters of disaster are pouring through. The hardest thing, with everything happening, is watching my children hurt. Seeing their pain, their fears. If you are a parent, you understand that pain. Have you ever been in a place where troubles simply won’t stop? Where, no matter how much you try, the waves roll, thunder crashes, and trials mount higher and higher? Where, but for the grace of God, you’d lose hope? My family has lived in the midst of trials for so long. Sometimes it seems it will never end and other times, it seems as if the sun just might shine again one day. For us, the sun has seemingly disappeared. These last few days have brought pain unbearable and disaster unspeakable. They have been ones of pure pain and utter calamity. Now, this morning, we find out things are even worse than we thought.

Because of circumstances beyond my control, we’ve just now found out that we have only a very few days to settle things that need far longer than we now have, to move out of our home and move on. We had a move looming but this leaves us no time at all. We’re against a giant unmovable wall. With no place yet to go, so little time, very little money to manuever with, with children to think of, plus all of the disasters of these last few days, I can’t think straight. I covet your prayers. If God doesn’t act, we can’t.

I, like anyone facing disaster, need more faith in the only One Who can help, the only One Who will never stop caring. God never leaves us. He cannot forsake us. And all things work together for good when we love Him. I’m holding onto His promises, to Him. I have nothing else to hold onto.

I’m reeling. I’m overwhelmed. I’m heartbroken. I’m so tired of watching my children hurt. Their emotional pain, their having to do without, their fears, break my heart. Their tears bring forth my tears. Right now, I’ve very near to crying again. But my God is good. And I’m trusting in His goodness.


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