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O Weeping Christian

O weeping Christian, if you are surrounded by the noise of the battle, if you heart has broken so much it cannot break anymore, if solid rock has given way to quick sand, look unto the Lord. He is your Hiding Place. He will see you through.

If the noise of the battle roars and deafens, if the enemy’s arrows fly furiously, do not fear. You are here by God’s bidding. You are His ambassador. If He is sending you to a place you wish to run from, run towards it instead. God has you here so that you might learn something, or that you may prepare for future service or that you might serve Him in a particular way at this very time. Perhaps all three. You are here for His glory and He will be with you. That is all that matters.

God’s people have a long history of living in the broken places. They have known false imprisonment, lies and betrayal. Those dearest to their hearts have turned against them. They’ve done without food, shelter and clothing. They’ve stood alone even to the point of death. All for the glory of God. God is with you just as He was with them.

When others wonder at your circumstances, when they accuse or turn away, God will run in. He knows the truth of your situation. He is the only One Whose opinion matters. You may hurt but don’t give up. God understands. He is more than able to be your peace, your comfort, your shield no matter how long the battle or how fierce the fire.

Trust Him. Run to Him. He will take you up.


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