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Praying for Air

Things pile up, one on top of another, until it feels as if you will drown. Do you know that feeling? I do, oh, so well. God is good even when we struggle for air. Even when things pile up as they will, God is faithful.

He doesn’t always solve our problems.

He doesn’t always change our situation.

But He’s always good. He’s always faithful.


Sometimes we might have to remind ourselves of this. Sometimes every single thing goes wrong and nothing seems to go right and it feels as if you will drown.

Right now, I feel as if I am drowning.

So much has happened. So many things have gone wrong. On top of it all, our two old vehicles broke down and had to be repaired. Not once but several times. The repairs took money we didn’t have away from bills we were already struggling to pay while still leaving more to pay. Right now, we’re somewhere north of $2,000.00 in the hole with no earthly hope of finding it by the date it has to be found by. If it were only that…. But money problems are only one small part of a very much larger problem. Today, I’m struggling for air.

But, somehow, God always provides air. Not necessarily the air we want, not always the air we hope for, but definitely the air we need.

We only have to ask, to trust, to believe.

So I’m praying for air. I’m begging the Lord of everything for the air we so desperately need, not as I see fit but as He sees fit. My prayers aren’t just for us but for others also. There are so many who are struggling. So I pray for them. If you are struggling, I’m praying for you, too.

Get ready to breath.


One thought on “Praying for Air

  1. Anna, I pray that the Lord open His storehouse and send you the monies needed and more. May He grant you and your loved ones peace amidst the turmoils in which you currently find yourselves. May you feel His sweet love for you this day. For Your glory Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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