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Blogging the Everlasting Truth

Colossians 3: 23, And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

I’ve been blogging since the last day of June, 2009. I enjoy it but over the last year I’ve had very little time to devote to it. Blogging is plain hard work but it’s good work. I’m hoping to get fully back on track with it soon, this time better than ever. By God’s grace, I’m working on it. I’ve got some hurdles to overcome as I attempt to reconnect with my inner blogger.

Have you ever had a time when you questioned everything you were doing and wondered if it even made a difference? That’s where I am now when it comes to blogging…and a few other things, too. I am so tired and one day flows into another without a lot of change. There are seemingly endless mountains stretching before and behind my family and there’s no end in sight. I’m tired of climbing mountains and honestly sometimes I want to give up on everything and quit. On those days I want to delete my blogs, stop writing, stop cooking and cleaning, and just rest. But that would defeat the purpose of the trials. Most days I remember that.

There’s an old saying that when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade. That’s fundamentally untrue; life cannot hand us lemons. God is sovereign and the difficulties of life are from His hand and are meant for our good and for His glory. Sometimes it just seems that there are more difficulties than we can manage.

I was reading a book on the trials of life a few days ago and trusting God with them. It had a list close to the front, sort of a “if you are reading this book, you might be facing one of these things” types of lists. As I read over the list, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I fit every single item on the list and more. You might have had a dysfunctional relationship with one or both parents. Check. You might be facing overwhelming financial difficulties. Check. You might be facing or have faced devastating health problems. Check. And on and on. At the end, I could have added several others. Miscarriages? Prodigal children? Depression? Relationships broken by lies and misunderstandings? Yes, and more. My list just goes on and on. Perhaps yours does too. I once heard someone say that if God hands us an abundance of troubles, it’s because He believes in us.

To that I say bologna.

God, the beautiful and holy Sovereign Creator, Sustainer and Savior hands me a bunch of troubles that I can’t even begin to figure out an answer to because He believes in me? Ha. Anybody who really believes that needs to get his head checked because something is seriously wrong with him.

God doesn’t send us overwhelming circumstances because we can handle it. It’s because we can’t. It’s because He can handle it. What others mean for evil, God means for good. Where my strength fails, His never does. When I am weak, He is strong.

Everything we face is given to us by a loving God. Every single bit of it is for our good and for His glory. Even my health problems that leave me weak but cause me to lean harder on His strength. Even my two prodigal children who force me to trust more fully in His mercy and grace. Even those relationships that break my heart while making me so much more thankful for His goodness. Even those times that I can’t figure out how to keep a shelter over our heads or food on our table–seeing Him provide day by day is worth it all.

Life is all about Christ, about trusting Him, about understanding that while I myself can do nothing, He can do everything. Every single thing in my life is about God and for His glory. I want my blogs to be too. I think they have been. Well, mostly. But I want them to be even more so.

Life for the Christian is about keeping an eternal perspective. Blogging for me is about sharing that eternal perspective.

Life for me will probably continue to be difficult. My blogging adventure might take a few more twists and turns before it’s all straightened out. But I’m okay with all of that. It’s all in God’s hands.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging the Everlasting Truth

  1. Hello Anna,
    Good to see you blogging again. I often feel to contact you when you are not blogging. But, several things come to mind. You might be taking a break, have health issues, family concerns etc.
    So I don’t contact you. Maybe I should, but I still feel kind of nosey. So, I leave it.

    Still, it’s good to see you back.
    Take care and God bless.

  2. Anna, my heart breaks & aches for you & all you’re going through & have been through, but as a sister in Christ I believe you are exactly right. I am grateful for your blogs…
    Thank you,

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