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Raising Real Men » Blog Archive » Miley Cyrus, MTV, and Why It Matters (A Lot) to Christian Families

For a couple of days, our personal Facebook feeds have been full of outraged posts and links about Miley Cyrus’s reportedly (we didn’t watch it) disgusting performance on MTV’s VMA Awards. It was curious that the almost universal response among our friends was either shock (What in the world has happened to our world?) or apathy (Who cares? Why are you watching that mess anyway?) As folks who’ve been speaking on sexual purity (as we talk about raising sons) across the continent, though, neither response seems entirely appropriate to us.

The reason you should care is also the reason you shouldn’t be shocked. To us, speaking with parents and teens from coast to coast, it’s pretty obvious what has happened to our world and that it threatens to get even worse. It’s porn.

Porn? How could that affect my family? Unfortunately, if you have teen children, even sheltered and protected teen children, it probably has. Well over 90% of boys are exposed to internet pornography before they turn 18. Most first exposures happen between 9 and 12 years old. See, when we were kids, you had to go out looking for pornography – stealing it from an adult or store or getting it from a rough friend. Now, it comes to get you. It lurks all over the place online, trying to draw you in. Recently, an article described how most children will now Google unfamiliar sexual terms rather than asking a parent … and bang, are introduced to filth.

Yeah, scary, but surely not in Christian families, right?

To read in full, please go to Raising Real Men » Blog Archive » Miley Cyrus, MTV, and Why It Matters (A Lot) to Christian Families.



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