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What We Need Is More of Jesus

It’s likely I don’t know you, likely we’ve never met. I don’t know what circumstances God in His grace has seen fit to allow in your life. I don’t know your pain, your fears or your loneliness. Perhaps your world shattered at your doctors prognosis of your or a family member’s health or  your heart aches over your children’s bad decisions. Maybe loneliness settles hard on you at the end of a very long, very tiring day. I don’t know your fears for your future or your regrets over your failures. I do know one thing though: no matter what you are going through or have been through, God is enough to sustain you, to see you through. Even if all ends in perceived failure, God will still be enough.

Often the outcomes we look for are not the ones we need. We think we need relationships to be healed, pain to be soothed, heartaches to be mended. We believe we need jobs when there is no work, money when there is none and friends and family when we are alone. We need our bodies and minds restored whole again. So we think. The truth is that, no matter what calamity we are facing, the only thing we truly need is more of the only One Who matters along with grace to have faith to trust Him more.

I know pain. My pain is different from yours no doubt but, though you may not understand mine and I might not understand yours, they are both real. My pain mostly stems from lost or broken, even abusive, relationships. Well, with a smattering of long-term, somewhat debilitating, health issues and fairly severe financial distress thrown in. And endless moves that have left me and my children feeling rootless. 🙂 Your pain mostly likely revolves around something else. If you and I could sit down tonight, I’d ask you if you’d like to share your troubles and if you did, I’d listen. And I’d pray. And I’d hope you’d offer the same to me. It’s hard to find someone who is willing to listen to any of us. We’re all willing to talk, to tell of our trials, but it’s not often that we’re willing to quit thinking about ourselves long enough to really listen to what others have to say. What they need to say. Truthfully that’s where some of our pain originates. We feel so alone. We don’t have to. Others may fail us but our blessed Savior never does.

I’m not ishy-gishy when it comes to Christianity. I’m not pragmatic either. I’m a lover of Truth and a seeker of the same. That truth lies in the Word of God. It is to it we must turn to learn of Jesus. Through it that we discover Him and His will. By it that we find Him to be enough.

Enough. Say that word: enough. It’s really quite a beautiful word if you think about it. It announces an end to longing. An end to desire. An end to hunger. Thirst. Loneliness. If there is enough to satisfy, then there is no need left. The truth is God is enough even when we have no one else to listen to us. No one else to care. Even when there isn’t a job, or enough money, or sound family relationships. When health deteriorates. When hope in ourselves and in others is gone. It is then that we, as children of the Most High God, finally become aware that He alone truly is enough.


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