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Into the Solitary Place with God

Mark 1: 35, “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.”

Sometimes the world is too much with us or, perhaps, we are too much with ourselves. Concentrating on me, after all, isn’t going to make things all better for me; in fact, the more I think about me, the more I am tempted to sin by magnifying my wants and wishes or my troubles and trials. Either is sin. It is not we ourselves that we are to concentrate on but God Himself.

God is enough even when we don’t know it. He is where we find eternal life and forgiveness; He is where we find strength for the temporal and immediate in our daily lives. Of all the gifts that God bestows upon us, the greatest gift is that of Himself. When we don’t understand that, we don’t understand Christianity. He is God thus we must obey Him; He is also our Father and we can trust Him.

We are here so that we may know Him; we know Him through the Word and through prayer. Right now, it is the prayer that we will concentrate on. Too many Chrisitans no longer know how to pray in a way that honors God. It isn’t taught in many homes and is rarely addressed from the pulpit. There are few books written on the subject today and many of those that are distort the necessary message, leaving us with the blasphemous idea that prayer is about us. “God bless me, bless her, bless them. Thank You, God, for this and for that. Now, God, give me this, give me that, and while You are at it, take care of me.”

What have we come to that we think that this is prayer? Real prayer isn’t about finding out how much God is willing to do for us. It is about seeking God and knowing Him, it’s about aligning our will to His and asking that His will to be done–in us, in our family, in the church, in the world. Since true prayer is always about glorifying God, it is also about Him even when we are praying about our own needs.

Luke 5: 16, “And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.”

Jesus often went out into a  place of solitude to be with His Father. He being our example in all things ought to be seen as our example in this, too.We can do much good in corporate prayer but our deepest and most intense prayers are usually offered in private. Abandoning all, we are to seek Him. Going to Him alone, we are to lay our lives out before the throne in praise and adoration.

Make time to do that today: sneak away to a solitary place and be alone with your Lord and magnify Him.


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