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Are We Hungry For God?

Are you hungry when you wake up in the morning?

As you stumble out of bed, does your tummy rumble to remind you that it has been 12 hours since you cared enough to put food into it and it wants to be serviced “now…right now”? Just feed me, it says, no please involved.

As you go through your day, whether it is a day full of nursing babies and changing diapers, teaching and guiding your children or pleasing your employer, does your tummy remind you at least once that it is time, once again, to fill it?

At the end of the day, with evening pressing on you, are you aware of the necessity of eating yet one more time?

Our bodies crave food over and over during the day. If we don’t get it, our tummies will protest and our bodies will get weak.

We receive and understand the prompts from our tummies but do we understand these same kind prompts from our spirits?

Morning again…do you wake up, stumble out of bed deeply aware that you are hungry once again…for God? As you go through your day of changing diapers, nursing babies, teaching your children, fulfilling obligations at your job, does your spirit remind you…again and again…that you are hungry for time with the Lord? Do you notice the emptiness inside you that hungers for Him? The weakness enveloping you when it’s been too long since you’ve bowed in prayer?

As you work, study, laugh and play, do you spend much time thinking about Him? Do hunger to the point of aching for His Word? Do you seek Him, repeatedly and often, in prayer?

Consider these questions: Is time with God more important to you than time spent doing anything else? If something has to go is it time with your friends…or time with God? Is it time spent watching television…or time spent seeking God? Funtime…or Godtime? Reading…or God? If you had to choose…really, really had to choose between Him and something else…or between Him and everything else…what would you choose?

What would I choose?

Has the need for God become a physical ache deep inside of us that can only be filled by going deeper and deeper with Him?

Have we become like David who panted after God as a deep pants after water?

Serving God and Him alone, panting after God and none other, wasn’t ever meant to be only for men like Joshua and David. It was also meant for ones like me…and you.

Are you hungry for God? Am I? If we aren’t, we can ask Him to fill us with that hunger and He will do so. God loves to answer that kind of bold-for-Him prayer.

“Ask and it shall be given”…and ye shall be hungry for God.


Having read this, what do you have to say about it?

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