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Review of Raising Real Men by Hal Young and Melanie Young

I am the mother of six sons. Not a day goes by that I don’t consider the eternal ramifications of the decisions that I make in raising my sons. Because of that, I have read many, many books on raising boys to manhood. I find Raising Real Men to be one of the best.

Boys will be boys they say and it’s true (though not in the way many take it). Boys aren’t, can’t and never will be girls and we have the good Lord to praise and to thank for that. Boys are meant to be men-in-training; when we treat them as pseudo-girls, we not only do them no favors, we are actively destroying not only them but also our families, our churches and our culture.

Our culture has long force fed us drivel when it comes to raising our children. Cotton candy as a regular diet makes no one healthy; add arsenic to it and it’s not only unhealthy, it’s death wrapped in a pretty bow. So it is with many of the parenting books on the market today. This book couldn’t be more different. It’s straight forward, Biblical and in-depth. Spiritually speaking, this book offers a balanced, healthy diet that allows you as the parent to raise up good and godly sons.

If we have any hope for tomorrow, it will start in the hearts and minds of parents who are submitted to God and who care enough to go against the cultural stream and raise their future men according to the Word of God. This book will help them to do just that.

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