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Augustine on Prayer

Augustine, on his mother’s prayers: “My mother asked this bishop to be so kind as to discuss things with me, to expose my mistakes, to unteach me what was bad, and to teach me what was good; for he used to do this, if he found suitable people for his instruction. However, he refused to do so in my case, and very sensibly too, as I realized later. . . .She kept on begging and praying him, weeping many tears, that he would see me and discuss matters with me. In the end he became somewhat annoyed and said, “Now go away and leave me. As you live, it is impossible that the son of these tears should perish.”

His prayer to the Lord about his mother’s prayers: “My mother, your faithful servant, was weeping for me to you, weeping more than mothers weep for the bodily deaths of their sons. For she, by that faith and spirit which she had from you, saw the death in which I lay, and you, Lord, heard her prayer. You heard her and you did not despise her tears which fell streaming and watered the ground beneath her eyes in every place where she prayed; indeed you heard her.”


2 thoughts on “Augustine on Prayer

  1. Not sure I 100% get what is being said here (old English and all) – but it sure sounds like the tearful prayers of this mother on Augustine’s behalf turned him from a path of death to a path of life. Is that what you get? If so – it was just the encouragement I needed today!!

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