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A Preacher’s Frustration by Charles Spurgeon

“I can sympathize with Luther when he said, “I have preached justification by faith so often, and I feel sometimes that you are so slow to receive it, that I could almost take the Bible and bang it about your heads.” ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon


3 thoughts on “A Preacher’s Frustration by Charles Spurgeon

  1. While I can’t speak for Luther or Spurgeon, I can attest that whenever I have such feelings towards recalcitrant sinners (whether saved or unsaved), our Lord may have a similar view of me for my reluctance to learn patience in trusting Him to achieve the ends of what He has set me to do.
    Patience!– how it eludes me. I am so thankful to know that “love is patient,” and that “God is love,” because it all hangs on His faithfulness and not my own!
    Thanks for the post.

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