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Zealous For Whose Glory?

It’s so easy to be zealous of our own glory when we think we are being zealous for the glory of God. Brushing aside compliments received for the work we are doing for God, it’s a natural reaction to point out that God alone deserves and gets all of the glory for anything that we might do.

And, yet, somewhere, somehow, deep down inside we realize that this particular compliment felt just a little bit too good to us for our own good.

We can easily be man-centered and even self-centered without realizing it. All it takes is taking our eyes off of the Cross of Christ and putting them on ourselves for one single second.

One second….

One second spent looking at me and what I did for Him;

One second spend thinking about how someone, somewhere benefitted from what I said, what I did, how I served;

One second centered on my own glory rather than on His.

One second to sin.

It’s so easy to do. It’s so hard to realize that we are doing it.

Paul Washer has it right in this: he doesn’t follow his own publicity. Whether someone praises him or puts him down, he doesn’t know because he doesn’t care to know. God’s glory is all-consuming to him.

That’s as it should be with us all.

So, I beg you, anyone who works for God in any way at all (that ought to be all of us), public or private, it matters not, please listen:

Let’s keep our eyes on the Cross;

Keep our heart centered on God;

Keep our focus on His glory;

Keep ourselves in the Word;

Stay on our knees in prayer;

God’s Word is all-important.

God alone is everything.

The glory of the triune God must be all-encompassing to us.

Anything else is sin.


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