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Ponderings on Truth

Life is about God. We’re not here to make much money, to further ourselves, to acquire the biggest or most beautiful anything; we’re not here to glory in mankind’s achievements, to be at home in this earth or to be at peace with one another or even in our own homes. How and where we spend our money shouts of our theology as loudly as anything else does. If we spend much on us, we have less to give to Him and His purposes; shameful, since it all belongs to Him anyway. When we spend much time acquiring, we are glorifying ourselves and not glorifying God. We are here for God, by His hand, for His glory and for His purposes. We live because He wills us to live. We are to live how He has taught us to live; we are to raise our children to do the same.

God meant it when He told fathers to teach their children as they rise up, lay down and walk in the way. Our children are here by His hand, for His glory and not to be an extension of us or to enable us to live vicariously through them. The greatest honor a mother or father can have comes from having raised up a child who lives for the glory of God and who is willing to give everything, absolutely everything…even their lives…to Him.

Our overt devotion to busyness is sin. We rush from here to there and to there and then back to here and never have time to just be together, just be with God, just to be quiet…to think, to pray, to worship. Our daughters must take ballet and our sons must take Karate (both of which, everyone knows, leads our children to worship and honor God more and are the main means of their glorification of God…right? Wrong.) If it isn’t ballet and Karate then it is sports. Sports do not Christian heroes make. If it isn’t our children’s busyness it is ours: our work, our clubs, our do-gooding, or programs at church (unbiblical, that). Anything. Everything. Everything except slowing down to just be with God and to teach our children to do the same.

Each and every aspect of our lives reveals to others whether or not we really love God…or whether we are just saying we do. Are we holy? Are we godly? Are we righteous? Do we seek after purity? Really??? Do we show it in what we watch? What we say? What we listen to? How we treat each other? In what we read? In how we dress? In how we spend our minutes, our days?

It is so easy to get caught up in modernity in our lives, in our churches, that we forget that God alone matters or that His Word alone is truth; likewise, we can get so caught up in nit-picking truth that we belie our belief in God by the very act of trying to defend truth. Truth matters. Only God has it. It is revealed in His Word. The older we become in the faith, the more truth we should understand BUT not everyone is at the same point. Some are young in the faith, some are very mature. Some have been raised in truth, some have been raised in nominally Christian homes or in non-believing homes but, by God’s grace, desired Him and obeyed Him…even without understanding everything. Not everyone who is saved understands fully the doctrines of grace. We ought to teach those we teach gently but firmly. We ought to correct the same way.

We can become so devoted to certain pastors, teachers, preachers, writers…so devoted to men…that no matter what falsehoods they write or teach, no matter what false-teachers they embrace, we are willing to defend them and embrace them. “If the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch.” We ought to read truth and embrace truth rather than reading men and embracing men. Truth matters…even when our favorite teachers deny it. If we fail to take a stand for truth simply because some high-profile teacher is wrong, we are wrong. Also…if we are willing to attack the “little man” for not knowing, not understanding everything but we are not willing to speak out against the “big man” when he seriously ought to know better, what does it say about our devotion to Christ?

Our lives must Cross-centered, Gospel-focused and Christ-exalting and anything or anyone who gets in the way of our doing this is a sinful distraction. All of our beliefs, all of our thoughts, all of our actions and the entirety of our lives ought to be based on the truth of God’s Word: if He has said it, we must embrace it…no matter what our culture, our families or our churches believe. It all ought to be done with love, grace and mercy for surely God has shown such to us. In the end, our minds, hearts and lives are to be continuously and entirely focused on Christ…all else is sin.


Having read this, what do you have to say about it?

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