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Review of Believing God: Twelve Biblical Promises Christians Struggle to Accept by R. C. Sproul, Jr.

Let’s get this out of the way right off: Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr. isn’t his father, Dr. R. C. Sproul, Sr…and he doesn’t need to be. His work stands on its own.

Believing God: Twelve Biblical Promises Christians Struggle to Accept,” tackles one of the problems in the modern church: Christians who fail to believe God and His promises. Citing worldliness among believers as the main culprit for our disbelief, Dr. Sproul, Jr. tears down our reasons for not believing and then delivers a water-tight case for doing what so many find impossible: trusting God.

This isn’t a deep theological treatise and that might be a problem for some readers, however, the depth he attains and the style of writing he uses perfectly fits the audience Dr. Sproul, Jr. is aiming at: those who have trouble fully believing that, not only can God do what He promises, but He will do what He has said. Dr. Sproul, Jr. builds his case gently but firmly.“Believing God” focuses in on God and His glory throughout and still manages to meet us where we are spiritually…while taking us to where we need to be.

I highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: I received a free PDF for purposes of review from Reformation Trust Publishing. I was not required to give a positive review, simply an honest one. When my review is published, I will be sent a copy of the book itself. 


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