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Lord, Thou Hast Won by John Newton

Lord, thou hast won, at length I yield;
My heart, by mighty grace compell’d
Surrenders all to Thee:
Against thy terrors long I strove,
But who can stand against Thy love?
Love conquers even me.

All that a wretch could do, I try’d,
Thy patience scorn’d, thy pow’r defy’d,
And trampled on thy laws;
Scarcely thy martyrs at the stake
Could stand more steadfast for thy sake,
Than I in Satan’s cause.

But since thou hast thy love reveal’d,
And shown my soul a pardon seal’d,
I can resist no more:
Couldst thou for such a sinner bleed.?
Canst thou for such a rebel plead?
I wonder and adore!

If thou hadst bid thy thunders roll,
And lightnings flash, to blast my soul,
I still had stubborn been;
But mercy has my heart subdu’d,
A bleeding Saviour I have view’d,
And now I hate my sin.

Now, Lord, I would be thine alone,
Come, take possession of thine own,
For thou hast set me free;
Releas’d from Satan’s hard command,
See all my powers waiting stand,
To be employe’d by thee.

My will, conform’d to thine, would move;
On thee, my hope, desire, and love,
In fix’d attention join:
My hands, my eyes, my ears, my tongue,
Have Satan’s servants been so long,
But now they shall be thine!

And can I be the very same
Who lately durst blaspheme thy name,
And on thy gospel tread?
Surely each one who hears my case,
Will praise thee, and confess thy grace
Invincible indeed!


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