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Review Of “The Masculine Mandate” by Richard D. Phillips

Why am I, a woman, reviewing a book entitled “The Masculine Mandate”, written for men by a man? Because I am also a mother of six sons and I care very much about raising them to be godly men. Mr Phillips stated that “My aim in writing this book is to help men to know and fulfill the Lord’s calling as it is presented so clearly to us in God’s Word.” To “fulfill the Lord’s calling…,” this is what I want for my sons.

This book made me cry. They were good tears, tears of longing and hope that men might listen, learn and apply the clear biblical teaching found in this book; intermingled with them were tears of sadness for men I have known who have failed to live up to the Lord’s calling in their lives, leaving scars that have devastated many. Over the last several generations, far too many men have had no one able or willing to guide them in godliness; thanks to this book, that can no longer be said.

As a mother of many sons, I have searched through a lot of books on godly manhood looking for something to help me to guide my sons and that was worthy of being shared with my sons as they grew older. I would have to say that “The Masculine Mandate” is by far the best, and most Scriptural, modern book that I’ve come across on the subject of biblical manhood. Mr. Phillips has done all of us a great service in writing this book. Beginning with Scripture, staying with Scripture and ending with Scripture, he has given us a picture of real manhood, not from a cultural perspective, but straight from the heart of God.

Calling men to work, to serve, to protect, shepherd, walking them through their roles as husbands and fathers as the Bible lays them out, Mr. Phillips guides men back to the original intent of our Lord: that men might lead. For far too long, our churches have muddied the waters of manhood and womanhood by adopting the world’s viewpoints. If Christian men will apply the clear Scriptural mandates that Mr. Phillips lays out and share it among the men in their churches, if Christian mothers will read this book and apply its teachings in raising their sons, if young women will read this book and look for a man whose life exemplifies the teachings found within, our families and our churches will be on our way to becoming beacons whose light shines in the darkness.

I very much enjoyed “The Masculine Mandate”. As a mother of many, I’m very glad that I read it. I will be passing it to each of my sons (well…maybe not to the five-year old) so that they, too, might read and be blessed.

My rating: Most excellent teaching that is worthy of being lived out. A++

(I received via e-mail a PDF version of this Reformation Trust Publishing title. I was not  asked by Reformation Trust that my review of this book be positive, only that it be serious, substantive and fair. Once my review is received, I will receive a free copy of the book.)



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