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Review Of “The Prince’s Poison Cup” by Dr. R. C. Sproul, Sr.

Review of “The Prince’s Poison Cup” by Dr. R. C. Sproul, Sr.

I would have loved “The Prince’s Poison Cup” as a child. It is a powerful portrayal of mankind’s fall and redemption that is told in a way that little ones can understand. The illustrations are beautiful. The writing is well done.

In the beginning of the story, we meet a little girl named Ella who is ill and must take some yucky medicine in order to get well. She bravely takes it but then asks her dad, “Daddy, why does medicine taste so bad if it’s going to make us well?” Her father tells that her grandpa will be visiting that day and  that she should ask him because “He always can answer your hard questions.” Later Grandpa arrives and Ella asks him her question. What follows is an allegorical retelling of the Gospel done in a way that children can comprehend it.

Grandpa’s story is about the King of Life, His Son The Prince and His archenemy. The King of Life made a beautiful park for His people and He would come there to visit them. In it was a fountain filled with water that the King’s people were forbidden to drink of. The people loved their King and willingly obeyed Him. Then one day the King’s archenemy appeared. He told the people that the water from the fountain was actually good and if they would drink of it they would become great like their King. He then filled a cup with the fountain’s water and the people partook of it. Immediately their hearts became stone and they were filled with hated towards their King. They moved away from the park to the desert and built a city which they called “The City Of Man”.

What the King does next mirrors the plan of salvation. Giving His Son a golden cup, the King tells His Son to go to the City of Man and search for another fountain, one filled with the King’s wrath, fill His cup and drink the poison contained therein so that the people might be saved. The Son does just that and dies for His people. The King appears and brings His Son back to life and thus the archenemy is defeated.  Grandpa then explains to his granddaughter that people become ill because of sin and tells her to remember the story of the Prince when she has to take bad-tasting medicine. Ella tells Grandpa “I know another Prince Who died for His people.”

There are discussion questions at the end of the book that parents can use to make sure that children grasp the real meaning of the story.

This is an excellent book that simply and succinctly explains the Gospel story. I cannot wait to share it with my children.

My overall rating: Excellent.

(I received via e-mail a PDF version of this Reformation Trust Publishing title. I was not  asked by Reformation Trust that my review of this book be positive, only that it be serious, substantive and fair. Once my review is received, I will receive a free copy of the book.)



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