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Review of “Sammy And His Shepherd” by Susan Hunt

I loved Sammy and His Shepherd. Written by Susan Hunt and Illustrated by Corey Godbey, this is an adorable book that is theologically sound. It is a sweetly illustrated look at Psalms 23 through the eyes of a little lamb named Sammy. The book has eleven rather short chapters and can be read through in one sitting (for older children and adults) or gone over in several sittings (for younger children) which allows more time for pondering. Each section invites you to “Talk About It”. Susan includes ideas for helping children to talk to God about their lives and asking Him to help them grow in ways that are pleasing to Him.

Sammy has a Good Shepherd Who takes care of all of his needs. He doesn’t realize how very blessed he is until he meets a nameless sheep living across the fence from him. He names her “My Friend”. My Friend doesn’t have a name because she does not have a good shepherd in whom she can trust to protect and defend her. In talking with her and with Grandma, the oldest sheep in the fold, Sammy ponders how loving and wise his Shepherd really is and grows in love for Him.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book both for adults who, if they love the Psalms, will have a hard time putting it down and, of course, for little ones who will be blessed to read it.

My overall rating: Excellent.

(I received via e-mail a PDF version of this Reformation Trust Publishing title. I was not  asked by Reformation Trust that my review of this book be positive, only that it be serious, substantive and fair. Once my review is received, I will receive a free copy of the book.)



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