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Mirror Tests For Modesty

Immodesty cannot long exist where love for Christ reigns. As love for Him and for godliness grows, the desire to reveal one’s body will decrease. If you are at the point where you desire to dress more modestly but you aren’t quite sure what to do, try this:

Stand in front of a mirror and try on each outfit that you have a question about. Then, looking at yourself from all angles, ask yourself these questions:

–Does my blouse or the top of my dress “fall away” when I bend over?  Can I see down the front of it? Does it show cleavage? It is generally safe to follow the four-finger “rule”: place your fingers just below, but where you can touch, your collar-bone; your top should not be cut lower than that.

–Is my dress sheer or see-through? Can I see my body through my it? If so, it is immodest. If in doubt, stand in a light and ask another female (or your husband) for an opinion.

–Does my dress or skirt fall below my knees so that I am properly covered? If there is a slit, is my privacy still protected or does it allow my thighs or my slip to be seen? Can I walk, bend over or sit down without my privacy being compromised? Does the fabric cling to me? Is it tight? Dresses and skirts ought to cover not reveal.

–Is my blouse or dress loose around the armhole? Does it allow others to see what shouldn’t be seen? Are my shoulders covered?

–Does my blouse or dress “cup” my form? Is there writing or a picture across the bust (that will then draw the eye where it ought not to be drawn)? The feminine form shouldn’t be unduly emphasized.

–Does my bra, slip or undies show? Can the imprint of them be seen?  Does my clothing mimic underwear in any way at all? If so, change.

–If I wear pants or shorts, are they form-fitting? Do my undies show at the top when I bend over? Can the imprint of my undies be seen? If I wear shorts, do they cover to the knees or below the knees? The feminine form is very easily revealed through the wearing of pants or shorts; if you choose to wear them, be very careful in your selection.

God will either be honored or dishonored by the way you dress. You will either give credence to your testimony or bring doubt upon His holiness by your choice of clothing. Be very careful to make clothing selections that will honor God. Dress in a fashion that is feminine and that draws attention to your face and not to your body.

In short, the rules of dressing in a modest, non-revealing fashion are these:

  • nothing too tight
  • nothing too sheer
  • nothing too short
  • nothing too low

May God bless you on your journey to honor Him with what you wear.



3 thoughts on “Mirror Tests For Modesty

  1. Those are some great practical tips Anna. I would also add two more items; first, that you should try to trust in the judgement of those who care about your modesty; whether a spouse, a parent or a godly friend who understands the importance of the subject. Make up your mind beforehand that if that person feels something is ‘perhaps a little immodest’ then you will definitely change – as otherwise just by asking and ignoring the answer you’re compounding the problem. The second item is to bring such a person with you shopping when possible and practical, because the main way you end up with immodest clothing in the wardrobe is by buying it – if you avoid the foolish purchase the foolish dressing avoids itself!

  2. Thank you once again, Anna. These are good general guidelines. There are some specific points to consider regarding them:

    Dress consciousness cannot make us godly, but godliness will surely make us dress conscious. This is not something to be done “for” God, but WITH Him; not something WE decide upon then hope He is pleased, but something in which we seek to determine beforehand what will please Him [by prayerfully and openly reading His Word with this purpose in mind: to HONOR Him who loves us]. A lot of prayer is required.

    The standards of fit and fashion do not apply equally to all women, simply because their bodies vary greatly in size and shape. Some women have great difficulty finding modest clothing because of their natural physiques, while others can shop almost anywhere. The very petite can even wear clothing from children’s depts, while the large must sometimes buy men’s clothes in order to obtain a modest fit. These are not excuses for immodesty, but are realities that must be faced.

    When asking for helpful observations from others, be sure to call upon godly people, having asked the Lord for guidance in choosing them. Still, see that it is not the opinions of others in which you trust, but the faithfulness of the Lord himself. Remember, He has more invested in this than you do, having designed your body specifically for you, and having purchased it (as part of the package) with His own precious blood. Therefore, He is far more interested than you could ever be in your success at dressing to bear a noble testimony to Him.

    If attiring yourself in a Christ honoring manner is a trial for you, rejoice in it, for it works in you godly maturity that will bring glory to His name through all eternity.

    Men, although our bodies are different from the women’s, therefore requiring slightly different guidelines, the principle of demonstrating godliness by our appearance still applies. We should lead the way, both by demonstrating modesty, and by teaching and encouraging others to obey the Word of God in their minds and hearts. How we dress our bodies will follow.

    Whatever you do… do all to the glory of God.

  3. These are wonderful rules to follow! Please, do the world a favor and print off a billion of these and post them in every fitting room in every store! 🙂
    just kidding… sorta. no not really kidding at all.
    Thank you for this post.
    ~ Heather Joy

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