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A Worthy Use Of Your Time

There are so many things to distract us from our Lord. So many wonders that this world offers, so many trials assailing us. Yet, our lives are not our own. We belong to the One Who has redeemed us. Our eyes belong firmly riveted to the cross of Christ, worshipfully beholding and adoring the Son.

The danger to be distracted is real; be aware of it. When we take our eyes off of our Savior, even for a second, we are led in dangerous directions. We have no business focusing on things that are wrong in our lives, affronts given lightly, trouble or pain; we are not made to covet stuff, to wallow in discontent, to be of the world. We are here for Him and Him alone. Things can be nice, yes, but the rich man is the man who has no need of more than he truly needs. It is such a fine line between real need and other “needs”. The wise man makes the distinction. Pain is real. Problems abound. It is so easy, far too easy, to focus on self, on our troubles and trials, to think that it’s just not fair how my life is turning out. We forget that, in our fallen world, it is a wonder that we ever receive anything but pain. But for the grace of God….

God is worthy of your worship. He is worthy of you beholding Him. He is worthy of your love–but only if it is love that leads you to obedience. Anything else is an affront to His holiness. He is worthy–no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what loss you have faced, no matter how someone has turned against you in painful betrayal. He is worthy because He IS.

As you go through your day today, rest your mind at the foot of the cross. Again and again, return there. Contemplate His sacrifice. Dwell on His holiness. Consider His love.

There can be no more worthy use of your time.


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One thought on “A Worthy Use Of Your Time

  1. Anna, I made a FB post along a similar line of thought this morning, before reading this one. I have posted a link to yours as a comment under mine…

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