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Modestly Separated

God Who is holy has called His people to be holy. Holiness means being set apart. Just as God is set apart from all creation, we must be set apart from the world. There are no shortcuts to holiness. Our whole life is to lived as unto Him. All that we do is to be done for Him. We aren’t given an option in this. We cannot say, “Oh, Lord, I’d like to keep back this part of my life just for me but, here, You can have every other part of it.” Rather we must be fully persuaded that our lives are to be lived for Him.

Romans 14: 8, “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”

There are many steps on the road to holiness. Not one can be by-passed or excluded. Holiness is godliness lived out. Those who are godly will be different from those who aren’t. Godliness will show itself in separated living. One way this can be expressed is through our manner of dress. Our clothing must speak of our hearts being hidden in God.

You should never wear anything that you would not want to be caught dead in. Seriously. When you dress in the mornings, think carefully about what you are putting on. Does it cover you fully? Is it something that you could be comfortable wearing if you ran into your preacher? Better still, is it something you could be comfortable in if you were standing before Jesus?

I Corinthians 6: 20 says, “For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

The children of God are not in this world in order to be of the world. We are not here to give place to the flesh. The flesh must be crucified. You cannot give your spirit to God and reserve your body for yourself. We do not belong to ourselves, we belong to God. It is Him alone that we must please. This is as true in matters of clothing as it is in every other area of our lives. To live to please the world is to commit spiritual adultery with the world. Think about what you are doing and do not prostitute yourself.

Clothing should not be so sheer as to allow others to see your shape underneath it nor be so tight as to hug your form. It should not reveal cleavage nor allow underwear to be seen. Skirts should allow full coverage no matter what you are doing. Keep these guidelines in mind when shopping: nothing too sheer, nothing too tight, nothing too low and nothing too high.

Modesty begins in a heart that is set apart for the glorification of the Lord. A modest woman’s entire life will be about Him.  Her clothing will give no occasion for anyone to stumble.



3 thoughts on “Modestly Separated

  1. I don’t catch every post on this blog, so I may have missed something along the way. What I have seen has been a series of concerned entreaties to women and girls regarding their attire. What I may have missed is a call for men to set the example for their wives, sisters and daughters by their own manner of clothing themselves.

    Gentlemen, no one needs to see any of the skin between your shoulders and your knees. I specifically said “needs” because I am well aware that there are those who WANT to see your body, but those are not the people you should be trying to please. In fact, there is only One Person you need to please and should deeply desire to please, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

    What will be a woman’s incentive toward modesty if her father, husband or brother bares his flesh unnecessarily, or if his clothing is skin-tight, or if he dresses so sloppily as to allow his underwear to be seen. The world has developed a culture that approves the display of underwear and parts of the anatomy which should be considered personal and private. Go and join them in Sodom if you must, but do not contaminate the church and the testimony of Christ with such disgusting displays!

    Men, pray earnestly for God’s wisdom to rule your thoughts, speech, and conduct before your brothers and sisters. Angels in heaven desire to look into our salvation– show them what they ought to see, and not your rebellion. Do not be drawn away from Christ by your carnal lusting to see how much you can get away with and still be “Christian.” Godliness doesn’t work that way. Rather, present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

    Women, pray for your men according to the holy Scriptures. Men, lead your women by example and the Word of God. Be holy as God is holy.

    1. Thank you, brother. I have not yet done a full post on this though I have addressed it in at least two blog posts. I greatly appreciate your wisdom and your godly advice to men. You have said it far better than I could. God bless you. Anna

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