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Al Hartman: …upon this earth…

Great God Almighty, our Father in heaven,
Creator, Sustainer and Lord of all that is, that was, and that ever shall be,

For all that is eternally true in Christ,
I am not yet as I would that I were upon this earth:
Not yet fit to praise You in holiness as you are worthy to be praised,
Nor to date thankful for the multitude of Providence I have yet to recognize and appreciate,
Neither presently retaining that eternal righteousness Your grace has provided me.

As I am damaged, repair me.
In what manner I am injured or sick, heal me.
However I am twisted or misshapen, break me then mend and restore me to wholeness.

Set me about the business of Thy kingdom In such manner
That I shall no longer see or set myself as the standard for others to emulate,
But shall point them to Thee only,
So that Thou shalt be mine only glory and reward,
My sole sweetness and fulness.

Satisfy Thyself wholly by Thy use of me,
Towards the filling of the earth with Thy testimony and the building of Thy Church,
For Thy great name’s sake and Thine eternal glory,
And teach me to count my cost but nothing,
As my Lord Christ Jesus has paid all in full by His blood, His body and His soul.


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