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By The Way Of The Cross

All of our life must be grounded in Scripture. What do we think about? How do we dress? What do we watch? How are we entertained? How do we spend our time? How do we relate to others? This and so much more, must be held up and examined in light of God’s Word.

There is no room for “I know…but…” or “It’s just that…” in the life of a Christian. We cannot justify our sin when we stand before the cross. God’s Word alone is to be our guide. Not our emotions. Not what others say. Not what some preacher or teacher who is not ground in the Word has said. God alone. God alone. God alone…He is all that matters. He alone is everything. We ought to know that but, so often, we don’t.

Too many preachers, too many who profess themselves to be teachers, too many husbands have failed to bury themselves in the Word of God so that they might lead their people, their families. This is sin.

A husband must guide his wife and his children to God. He does that by way of the cross. A pastor, a teacher, must guide those under them, those listening to them, to the cross. It is there that we see our great sin and God’s great grace.

Without a full understanding of our sin, we will never understand God’s love. He sacrificed His Son for us. Because we are so vile, we would have had no hope otherwise. Outside of the cross there is no hope.

Why then has the message of the cross been reduced and replaced? It is because we have put ourselves front and center. It isn’t Christ that many professing Christians are worshipping. It is themselves.

We must get back to the cross and see ourselves for what we are. We must see our sin in light of His glorious holiness. He has called us to holiness. We are content with the gutter.

It is time for a change. When we come to the place where we see every single sin (even the “little” ones or the culturally acceptable ones) as an affront to our holy God, we will begin to grow in holiness, godliness and righteousness. Then and only then will we impact our families, our churches and our culture.

The place to begin is the only safe place there is: go to the cross and stay by it. See yourself as a sinner and unworthy; see Christ as perfect and completely worthy.

Many have long been misled by those who claim to be guiding them in the study of the Word of God. These teachers will be held accountable for their failures. Those who know, who see the problem, must repent and set things right. The time is now. The place to start is the cross.



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