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Who Am I? by Holly Dye

Who am I, O Lord that I should presume to direct Thy Hand?

Who am I to think I know what’s best for my life and at what point did it become my life?

It is Thine and Thine alone.

For Thou hast purchased me. Thou hast paid such a heavy price for me. I am Thy possession.

I have no rights except to obey Thy holy commands.

Who am I, O Lord to think my suffering is unbearable?

Have I resisted sin to the point of blood?

Have I borne such reproach for Thy Name that I have become physically marred by persecution?

Have I had to watch loved ones massacred before my eyes because I would not recant my faith?

Although my sighing is not hidden from Thee, help me to remember that my affliction is light and Thy grace restrains that which rages against me.

Who am I, O Lord to weep over my loneliness?

Have I been exiled and kept in the darkest of dungeons? Have I been kept from all living souls?

O, let me ever be mindful of those Thou hast given and though they be not near in vicinity, Thou hast made them near in spirit.

O God, my God, let thankfulness be my garment! Let me see beauty and grace in every trial. May the tears I shed strengthen my character and work holiness in my life. May Thy joy abound in every affliction! And may Thy glory be my heart’s desire.


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