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Christ Is The Funnel–Al Hartman

(This short piece was left as a comment to something I said on facebook. It touched me deeply and I secured permission from my brother in Christ to share it here.)

I am like the dot made by the tip of a well sharpened pencil, beneath the vastness of the heavens that cannot contain God. I am two-dimensional, powerless, voiceless, capable of less than nothing.

YET, from the limitless vastness of Him who is above all, to the infinitessimalness that is me, there is a funnel: Its top is broad beyond conception, but its bottom fits me precisely.

I gaze upward and am fearfully cowed by His magnificence as it overshadows my insignificance.

He looks downward, and sees me filling the entire bottom end (if it is my size, then I am its).

He sees me! My God sees me! I am not lost to Him. He has devised a means by which I occupy His entire vision. He has designed to set His affection upon me, that I may be entirely His forever. It is a dream fulfilled from which I hope never to awaken.

(Christ)  is the Funnel of which I speak, for through Him the Father focuses on me and you, and through Him we see the representation of the magnitude of the Godhead.

4 thoughts on “Christ Is The Funnel–Al Hartman

  1. This is absolutely one of the most BEAUTIFUL descriptions of how focused God is on each of His children!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Carolyn /

  2. It is funny how you can know something, but then read how someone else explains it , and so beautifully at that, and suddenly you know it even more. The magnitude of the truth in this post brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You’re welcome. I, too, loved it and couldn’t wait to share it. I’ll pass along your commment to him. He’s a very humble man…can’t seem to believe that others would find him quotable.

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